Each year, Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies is able to award hardworking undergraduate students with additional financial aid thanks to the philanthropic support of many alumni and friends. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity and shared commitment to helping adult learners achieve their educational goals while managing complex personal and professional lives.

In Academic Year 2021-22, the College of Professional Studies awarded nearly $400,000 to over 200 students, made possible by philanthropy.

"I appreciate all of the alumni and friends who contribute to the CPS Excellence Fund. It is such an honor to receive a scholarship alongside my peers that is supported by Northeastern community members. For me, financial support is like a recognition. I do my best to accomplish success in school work, and it pays off by earning good grades and getting a scholarship like this. It definitely makes me focus more on work and schoolwork and loosen up stress of the financial burden from pursuing school."

- Pete Y., Information Technology, Class of 2024

Spotlight: John Anthony Zukowski Scholarship

After serving in the US Coast Guard and the Navy during WWII and the Korean War, John Anthony Zukowski earned his Associate in Engineering from Northeastern’s Lincoln Institute in 1955. He went on to work for several decades at General Electric (GE), followed by United Technologies. Realizing he was not quite ready to retire fully, he then co-founded an appliance part manufacturing firm near his home in Indiana, until he finally retired in 2005. In his spare time, Mr. Zukowski volunteered at various food banks and kitchens, flew as a private pilot, and enjoyed fishing, golfing, and anything outdoors. Mr. Zukowski passed away in 2020, and through a generous bequest gift, he established a scholarship with the hope of helping as many students as possible complete their studies in science and technology. The College of Professional Studies is deeply grateful and honored to steward Mr. Zukowski’s legacy through this scholarship, which is supporting more than 20 students this year.

Annual Scholarship Celebration

  • David Fields, Ph.D., Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies
  • Anne (Nancy) Johnson, Co-creator, David R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Marissa Lemus-Reynoso, Biotechnology, Class of 2023

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Academic Year 2021-2022 Scholarships & Recipients

Scholarship Recipients Say Thank You!

A special Thank You to our Scholarship Selection Committee for the time they devote to reviewing scholarship applications each spring, and the warmth and compassion with which they conduct their important work. If you would be interested in joining the committee for 2022, please click the button below to send a message to Stephanie Krzyzewski, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Funds.