Noah and Samuel's Party

It was Saturday 6 May 2017, a beautiful sunny day and it was time for Noah and Samuel's party. Tricky Ricky arrived and decided we could have the party in the garden!

Tricky Ricky preparing for the party

While they waited for Tricky Ricky to begin, Noah and Samuel's friends went wild in the garden

Tricky Ricky takes control!

And now it's time to begin...

Birthday boys up first and Tricky Ricky has birthday cards for them.

Next, a problem with a magic wand...

A magic wand to keep

At first, Eilidh wasn't sure about all this

But then...

Lots more fun before it was time for Tricky Ricky to go

Including some dancing

And some games

Goodbye Tricky Ricky, Hello food

And lastly, some cake

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