Cheer History Arie cooper

Cheer started in the 18th Century. Students in colleges would yell in unison about the teachers mistreatment. After the American Revolution students begin to get harsh treatment from the teachers. The students begin to riot out of control and yell chants in class and out side of teachers houses. In the 1860s students from Great Britain began to cheer and chant for their favorite athlete in unison and this got back to the US. Cheer was just a male sport at first.

Its wasn't until 1923 females were able to participate in cheerleading. But women cheerleaders were overlooked until about the 1940's. When WWll drafted men it gave women more opportunity to be on the sidelines cheering their team on. During the 1950's cheer became popular in America.

In 1948 Lawrence herkimer of Dallas Texas formed the national cheerleaders Association (NCA). In 1965 Fred Gastoff invented the vinyl Pom-Pom, which was introduced during competitions. The Dallas cowboys cheerleaders were gaining the cheer spotlight and it made other national football teams start cheerleading squads.

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