Quadriplegic By Joshua Gamboa

What is it?

Quadriplegic is the injury of the c1-c4 section of the spine making someone lose control of all four limbs. Quadriplegic comes from the Greek words "quad" which means four and "plegic" which means the inability to move. People with this disease have to be cared for 24/7 as they can no longer do anything.

Diagram of the entire spinal injuries


Being a quadriplegic is not a disease so their are no types of sicknesses that can come from it. However the imitate loss of feeling in all of your limbs can lead to rashes, blood clots, and organ failures.

Man after a surgery to relieve pain


When someone is diagnosed they are immediately stabilized to prevent any spread of spinal nerve injury. Patients are then given surgery to reduce pain from the spin and foreign objects. Patients are to be looked over and cared for 24/7 as injury to the c1-c4 area of the spine causes major health risks.

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