Environment Our earth by zahra anaia guira

We live in a world full of wonders,we can do everything as we would like to do it.We can dance,play,drink and so on.It is like a paradise...but if we continue to throw litter and to pollute the earth our planet will turn from lovely to toxic.


dolphins are one of the cutest animals in the ocean. Arn't they cute?


This animal is a wild cat,it is like a domestic cat but this one searches for food.


This is typical Asian food.Food is benificial to us and also helps us live.Some foods have an impact on our life and some can kill.

However food is dange ous for the enviorement as it makes fishers, bouchers and so on hunt.

This pasta/noodels is typical Asian food.It is delicious and has amazing chicken,lemon and vegetebals YUM. Food however has an impact our planet earth as it pollutes the earth,by taking space and reduceing water.It also makes the plastic end up in rubbish dumps.

This dog is begging for your help,it is around plastics`and does not have any thing to eat imagine Willow

thank you for listening hope we can do this



Created with images by Comfreak - "earth moon ache" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • skeeze - "dolphin jumping leaping" • SchoonIngekaderd - "koala marsupial animal" • Taboadahdez - "cat animalia mammalia" • Wow_Pho - "food japanese asian" • DrawsAndCooks - "sushi japanese plate" • cattalin - "thai food noodle fried noodles" • SCAPIN - "dog puppy pet" • sch198609 - "puppy dog labrador" • Temitope Amodu - "untitled image" • rawpixel - "people hands achievement"

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