The Master You Never Knew You Had Introduction -"The hidden history of religion, politics, and finance" By Ransom G.

“We the people…..” Three words that sums up the essence of the American doctrine. America is a nation that holds the promise of a bright future for all those who dare to want more and willing to work hard for it. Where freedom and individual rights are our most scared possessions and worth even our very lives to protect it. If not for ourselves then for our descendants.

Well that’s what we want the world to believe. You only need turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or browse the web to see how dysfunctional and divided we are as a nation. Over the last 18 years we have gone from a Country that fought and still fighting a war of absurdity, to a blindly hopeful Nation that elected its first black president twice. Thinking that act would solve all of our issues up to that point. We then elected a would-be king and a dictator in waiting. Which now threatens the very continued existence of the Nation. Who is the blame for our current situation? To borrow a phrase that is fitting; “You only need to look in the mirror to find the guilty party.”

We the people… are to blame! I can hear you now, I never voted for Trump. I voted for Clinton; who by the way is only a different side of the same coin. Who you voted for this past election cycle on the many before is not our trespass. Our true sin is we refused to demand more from our leaders, we have settled on apathy, not inspiration. We have set the bar so low that we anticipate; no we expect to be lied to by our leaders. Even when it is clear the only thing these people will stand up is themselves or their self interest. We can’t be bothered with holding them to account, our lives are too complicated or we feel there is no point of trying.

In truth the real reason is that our lives revolve around the unconditional obedience to our true master. With almost religious like devotion we submit, and worship at the altar of the world’s oldest religion. For the lack of a better word; this truly ancient deity has gone by many names from dawn of time and known language. In ancient Hebrew it was known as כסף, in ancient Greece it was called Archaic, in our present day and our region of the world we call it the U.S. Dollar, but universally it’s known as “Money”. All bend their knee before it! If it demands a sacrifice and we are all too willing to comply. No one is immune to its power, its seduction, or it’s wraith. The vilest thing about it is not the lengths we will go to, to obtain it. Oh and we will go through great lengthens to have it's blessing. Brother would kill brother for it, a farther would sell his daughter into slavery for it. No the cruel truth about money is that it is an illusion at best; a shackle of self-imposed slavery at worst. Even as such money is intertwined in every aspect of our lives. It forces us to sleep, or lose sleep. It dictates what we eat, what wear, how we live every part of our lives. It’ sits at the core of our politics, our wars, our healthcare, our laws, and very much so in our religions both in antiquity and now.

My goal with this blog is twofold. One to provide myself an outlet to give voice to my thoughts and opinions as a bit of self-therapy. Secondly I will attempt to connect the dots between concepts, places, people, and historical and current events; one would have never thought a connection existed. To attempt to map the great web of human existence as I understand it. My goal will never be to convince you of anything, but only to provide an alternative to orthodox thought. Hopefully I will encourage you to do your own research and come up with your own ideas and opinions. For me no subject is off-limits or too taboo. I am sure I will offend many who do read my writings. To that I say they crucified Christ, so I guess I will be in good company.


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