Creepy Crawlies? Whether you wish to be rid of them or you want to give your bugs the perfect living environment - Koss Industrial can help you Pasteurize or Protect your microscopic critters!

Are you looking to control or kill your little monsters? You've come to the right place - we've got the skills you need to give you the equipment to grow your little pretties (and to exterminate your unwanted vermin).

Control or kill your bugs.

Remember that tv show Fear Factor? Well this has nothing to do with that, except that we're talking about creepy crawlies and killing things. Little skittering claws and the sound of too many feet scurrying past will scare many brave souls; but there are smaller bugs, creatures that you can neither see nor hear (at least not with naked eye or naked ear).

Nasty bugs that you cannot see can be hard to kill (kind of like a certain tv show). Fear Factor (2001) was revived 1st in 2011, and it's 2nd coming was this year (2017). Apparently this often gross dare show really is hard to kill...because it's back again, now on MTV and hosted by Ludacris. We'll talk more about killing things now.

Stay tuned to find out how to seize control of (and protect) your creepy crawlies!

Pasteurize your creepy crawlies.

You have creepy crawlies in your product. You need them gone.

Who ya' gonna' call?


NO. When you've a bug problem like out of control microbes, call Koss Industrial at 920-469-5300 and ask for Pasteurization Equipment. If it's ghosts, then you call the Ghostbusters.

Totally different skillsets.

Pasteurizers and HTST Systems by Koss Industrial, Inc.

KILL KILL KILL... selectively heat treat product to eradicate unwanted 'creepy crawlies' (technically, microbes). Pasteurize effectively and efficiently - custom HTST (High-Temperature-Short-Time) Pasteurizers by KOSS are fully customizable designs fitted to your process and your plant (and the available space) - piped in place or skid-mounted, we provide high-quality turnkey solutions.

Trust in our experience, we know what it means to be Dairy Sanitary. Our equipment complies with (and exceeds) sanitary standards. Meaning that your custom Pasteurization System won't just kill...it'll look good doing it. Sort of like Scarlett Johansson as that lady Avenger 'Black Widow' - our Pasteurizers aren't just effective, they make lethal force look great.

Protect your creepy crawlies.

Fear Factor contestants frequently had to overcome challenges featuring slithering, skittering, scurrying creatures that (seemingly) want nothing more that to crawl all over you while you scream in terror. Sometimes they had to eat the creepy crawlies.

Today's consumer wants their food carefully sourced and safely handled.

Let's face it, eating bugs isn't a standard here in the U.S. (at least not yet); but "bugs" or rather, bacterial cultures, play an important role in making many things we do eat, like delicious, amazing cheese. We all want to know we're eating food & ingredients prepared carefully (and cleanly)!

How can KOSS help? Keep scrolling and find out...

Put your "creepy crawlies" in paradise (or send them to the underworld) by using KOSS Batch Processing Tanks.

Seriously - put your creepy crawlies in processing-tank-paradise or send your microbes straight to hell.

"Bug Paradise" - Our Starter Tanks provide an optimal, advanced method for controlling product quality.

"Bug Hell"- Our Batch Processing Tanks can pasteurize and cook as needed to safely exterminate unwanted 'bugs'.

KOSS can help you - either by protecting starter cultures, or pasteurizing product to exterminate unwanted mini-monsters.

50, 150, and 300 Gallon Starter Tanks by Koss Industrial, Inc.

The perfect space? It's not as easy as going to Petco to pick out a terrarium for your creepy crawlies...

Your starter culture is unique and vital to your process - protect it (we'll help, KOSS products are very tough and pass the test of time).

A variety of shapes & sizes that range from 50-3,000+ gallons are designed & manufactured to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards at our facility, per customer specifications. Our customizable range of Batch Processing Tanks are far superior to terrariums, ziploc baggies, tupperware, and other creepy crawly containment devices.

...but let's talk more about bugs, specifically bacteria and starter cultures.

Koss Industrial can help you give your cultures an ideal environment you can easily control (so they can thrive).

Culture Tanks & auto-culture starter systems.

Starter Tanks ensure your culture is precisely maintained and protected. Be very, very careful with your creepy crawlies. Develop your cultures in a controlled sanitary environment. KOSS Culture Tanks provide an optimal, advanced method for you to control culture quality.

Custom Culture Tank Skid

Working like a Batch Pasteurizer - with steam & cooling jackets it heats then cools the Tank, forming your ideal processing environment. Easily reach your desired set-point and set the temperature to hold your product. Fully customizable, add items such as PH Probes, RTD options and more for monitoring & automating responses to changes sensed.

How does it work? Well custom means each System is unique...but basically:

  • Cook up to temperature
  • Hold for pasteurization
  • Cool down to desired set-point for holding during the growth stage (because, yes, "...it's aliiiiivvvveee!")
  • Monitor PH and utilize additional cooling to control the growth...for particularly vivacious cultures, one additional growth control option is to introduce an inhibiting agent

The moral of the story?

Trust KOSS' equipment and services.

Our Automation Services provide excellent control (whether you're protecting your creepy crawlies, or pasteurizing them). Whatever your process needs, our Engineering Team can configure and size it to optimize your process and ensure that your microscopic-monsters are treated exactly the way you want.


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