Common Core: A Common Problem By Darius Hanson

Common Core schools children, does not help them learn. Learning is different because it fosters creativity and maximizes potential instead of just telling kids what to know.

Testing is not always a sure way to measure standards. Some people test better than others.

The tests are shipped.....from Washington and local governments. The tests are impersonal and are not necessarily created by teachers.

Teachers usually have a better idea than Washington insiders.
The use of the low angle shot shows that kids are sometimes intimidated by school. This intimidation comes from a variety of places, but the rigor and high demand the government places on students is one of several

An image of physics calculations: Circuits, Current, Refraction, Waves (Sin and Cos, depending on X-Axis). This is what children are learning as mandated by the government.

This image reminds me of the standardized tests I had to take on a computer.

Common Core makes kids lives harder. It needs to end.


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