Anna's Death How did Anna ACTUALLY Die?

It was a really hot day of 92 degrees F summer morning when a 911 operator got a call saying that he has not seen his next door neighbor for a while already and the dog wouldn’t stop barking. He was worried for her, since she went to walk her dog with a sweater during a heat wave. The victim and Douglass (the neighbor) had a recent relationship. The police got at the house around 9:56, they were knocking on the front door but there was no answer so they had to break the door down. After the door was broken down they saw a women on the floor lying face down on the floor, in the house it was 73˚F. The EMT said that Anna Gracia (the victim) dead.
Finger print: Alex Garcia this places him in the crime scene, he said he was at the crime scene, “The night before”
The pice of hair belonged to Anna, this ends up explaining that Lucy and Erica were not there
The unknown substance found was aspirin this lead us to think that Anna had an illness or pain
The blood slatter was 90 degrees down which test were made and it was concluded that the blood fell from the hieght of the table, at 74 cm
After the DNA blood analysis it was found that the blood belonged to Anna
the time of Death Dead was at 7:00 am which the
Autopys report reported a bruid/wound on head wich was tcaused by the table, no fracture, no signs of struggle, no alcoho, and no drugs

In conclusion I believe that Anna died of an accident and it couldn't be homicide. One because in the autopsy there was no drugs or no alcohol reported. It also couldn't murder because at the crime scene there was only one other person other than just Anna and that was Alex, and also in the autopsy there was no signs of struggle.

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