Mohandas Gandhi Join the non-violent movement

Gandhi is a man who believes strongly in non-violence and getting the rights of Indians back

Do you think that the British should keep controlling our country? Mr. Gandhi doesn't want that either, and he has many ways to prove that India can live free without British control.

Get up and start walking to the Indian ocean. Mr.Gandhi walked 241 miles in just 24 days to help end the British rule in India. Britain has placed a monopoly on salt meaning that they can only sell and harvest Indian salt.

To show civil disobedience towards the British, bring your wives and bring pots to boil water in. Bring a cloth and sell your harvested salt to make money and end your suffering and hunger.

Our people are getting hungry, weak and poor. The British is forcing us to grow cash crops such as indigo for their own expensive clothing. not only do they take our crops, but they try to sell us our crops back for lots of money.

Follow Mr.Gandhi and get a spinning wheel and start spinning your own cloth. Don't buy any European clothing, make your own and help the fellow Indians!

Even though the British may be powerful with weapons, remember that fighting back wont solve anything. Non-violence is the answer, this proves how we are superior and we don't give up. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."-Gandhi. Mr.Gandhi hates to hear about protesters using violence and if the violence does not stop, he will go on a another hunger strike to stop the violence, no matter what he will not eat until all the fighting and violence stops.

Get your spinning wheels and spin your own clothing, march to the Indian ocean and collect salt and protest in non-violence! End Britain's control of India!


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