Samurai Project by Frank Floyd

How did Japan become a military society. Japan became a military society when Yoritomo became shogun. The samurai are very loyal to the shogun and daimyo.

Samurai armor weapons and fighting. Samurai used heavy armor and wore robes underneath. Samurai used weapons like swords, spears, and bow and arrows. Swords were most valuable to them. Training for samurai was extensive. They had to train mentally and physically.

Samurai training and warrior code. Samurai were trained mentally and physically. Physically the samurai learned how to handle there weapons better. Mentally they learned to overcome feelings when in battle. Bushido is a code of honor used by samurai. Samurai live by Zen Buhddihism. Seppuku is ritual suicide when they stab themselves in the stomach and cut it open until they bleed out.

Spiritual training. Amida Buhhdahism was taught by the monk Honen and believers were thought to live in paradise. Zen Buhddahism is about effort and discipline.

Women in Samurai society. The Samurai women society decreased overtime. Women were treated like men in the 12th century. But in the 17th century women's power decreased overtime.

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