ART ARCHITECTURE DESIGN A brief overview of our first semester on Mountaintop

A view of Building C from Iacocca Hall. Building C became AAD's new home in the fall of 2018.

A few captures from fall 2018 of studios, student work, final reviews and critiques.


ARCH 143 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Studio format, introductory course in architectural design which introduces students to new ways of thinking about architecture and the perception of space, three-dimensional composition, drawing, and model-making.

ARCH 157 ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY is a two course sequence (ARCH 157 & 158) which introduces the use of building materials components and systems slabs, walls, trusses, facade systems, etc. while providing students with the knowledge to design and construct comfortable, technically sound and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Building the small model first
Before the bigger one in ARCH 157.
Students of ARCH 343 present their work in the final critique of the fall semester.

View AAD's Fall 2018 final critiques and reviews here!


Professor Ussler helps a student in AAD's new Digital Design Lab in the C2 lowbay.

ARCH 034 DIGITAL DRAWING AND 3D MODELING This introductory course presents the basics of digital drawing and rendering through the lens of architecture, but is intended for students of all disciplines interested in visual communication. This project-based course focuses on the essentials of AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Revit supplemented with VRay and Photoshop for rendering.


Professor Kart's ART 124 lecture was held in the Telepresence room, one of the state of the art classrooms in Building C's Mountaintop campus. The Telepresence room can do point to point video conferencing, as well as web conferencing. There are 3 cameras and 7 screens to display content.

ART 124 ARTS OF THE BLACK WORLD 16TH-20TH CENTURY This course covers artistic practices originating in Africa that subsequently influenced countless world cultures. The material covers artistic production and theory of arts of the enslaved populations in the AnteBellum South, early African American painting through the Harlem Renaissance, the religious arts of Haiti (Vodou) and Cuba (SanterĂ­a), and contemporary production from Black Brazilian, American and European artists. Students attend Museums/galleries during the semester.

Professor Sawicki and students.

Also taught this fall were ART 001 ART AND ARCHITECTURE HISTORY a survey of art and architecture around the globe, from the world's earliest artistic and architectural production through the 14th century and ART 174 GREEK ARCHAEOLOGY Ancient Greek cultures from the neolithic to hellenistic periods.


Professor Travers guides students in the first cut and paste project focusing on the use of line as a design element.

ART 3 TWO-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN This class presents the fundamentals of two-dimensional design through the use of creative assignments and critical discussion. Using a variety of traditional materials and techniques, as well as digital media, students explore the concepts of line, form, shape, value, texture, space and color.

Fall 2018 Final Reviews and Critiques Here

Photo: C. Neu

ART 4 THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN An introduction to the basic elements and principles of design. Involves use of various materials to solve 3D design problems in studio and computer lab. Problem solving in variety of materials for 3D design including assemblages, models, constructions, and conceptual forms.

Students begin work on the masks by cutting and piecing together thick pieces of matboard.
Students of ART 4 work in the C3 highbay studio.
Professor Forsyth, seen smiling in the background, was the instructor for this section of ART 4.
Lehigh photographer Christa Neu stopped by C3 earlier this year to take photos of the students with their puppets.


DES 040 PRODUCT DESIGN I: FORM, PROCESS AND CONCEPT Introduction to the field of Industrial Design. Through research, analysis, drawing and prototyping, students will acquire an understanding of the various aesthetic, technological, and business issues a designer must consider when creating a product.

One of the assignments in DES 40 Product Design I was to develop a class A surface object.
The student was evaluated in this assignment on the ability to create a smooth and continuous form with minimal complexity.
Student work on display in C3 highbay studio.
The beginning stages of the chair project in DES 40
and Final critique. Brian Slocum tests out a chair.

To see more photos from this final critique click here.

Students of DES 240 were challenged with creating marketable products to sell at a local store. Trio - Sage Chasen


Student designed book covers and package design (at left) in DES 153: Word and Image

DES 053 INTRODUCTION TO GRAPHIC DESIGN This course serves as an introduction to the graphic design process, with a primary focus on concept development and craft. Students examine how to identify and resolve visual problems and learn the basics of design and typography. Creative solutions will be encouraged for projects with practical applications. Topics include logo development and execution, professional typography, image basics and resolution, print production, studio skills and professional practices. Digital applications include Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

View photos from DES 153 final critique here.

DES 153 GRAPHIC DESIGN: WORD & IMAGE This course explores techniques of image making in relation to analyzing and creating meaning in graphic and typographic messages. Students solve visual communication problems with visual, conceptual and social impact. Assignments may include book covers, posters, music packaging, and promotional materials. Students will work in both traditional and digital media. May be repeated for credit once under different

Monogram assignment in Intro to Graphic Design

DES 070 WEB DESIGN I Introduction to the design and fabrication of web pages. Students will learn how to create pages using HTML and web fabrication software, with an emphasis on aesthetic and structure.Students will learn how to create pages using HTML and web fabrication software, with an emphasis on aesthetic and structure.


Digital Photography students do a motion assignment at Buttermilk Falls. Motion Study from Buttermilk Falls by Riley O'Neil, Graphic Design Major, Honorable Mention at InVision National Juried College Photography Competition, Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA

ART 007 DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY I Intensive work in photography as fine art using digital input and output. Lectures, demonstrations, critiques

Digital Photography students do a motion assignment at Buttermilk Falls.
Students print their photographs in our AAD print room.
Professor Chupa shows each student how to matte and frame their work in preparation for a local exhibition.
Motion Study from Buttermilk Falls by Taylor Bogarty, Architecture Major
In Building C's new LUAG seminar room, Lehigh University Art Gallery (LUAG) Head Proparator Jeffrey Ludwig-Dicus shows Professor Chupa's ART 007 students original photographs from the museum's permanent collection.
Maxine Derrick

ART 035 PAINTING I Painting in oil beginning with color mixing and basic layering techniques. Students learn the basic mechanisms for creative expression. Emphasis on understanding the physical nature of the materials.

Students in Drawing I work together on a project in C1 highbay studio.

ART 011 - DRAWING I Concepts and practice of drawing, both traditional and contemporary. Includes drawing from life and an introduction to materials and techniques.

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