Volcano project By Caleb

Our volcano is Mount St. Helens.

Located in Washington state, Skamania county, its a strato-volcano and a strato volcano is cone shape volcano that is known to be the most deadliest volcano and leads to pyroclastic flow.

The elevation of Mount St. Helens is 8,366 ft.

The closest major city is Seattle, Washington.

The population of Seattle is 652,405 as of 2013. It would take about 3 1/2 hours to travel to the site of the volcano.

March 27th of 1980 was the date of the first eruption of Mount St. Helens in over a century. It created a 60 to 75 meter wide creator. Small eruptions continued until April. By May 17th, over 10,000 mini earthquakes had occurred.

It is May 19th 1980 and me volcanologist I have just witnessed the tremendous power of the Mount Saint Helen eruption. And I noticed that most of the rivers and camp sites have been destroyed by wind and ash or debris flying and hitting cars or RVs and buried them. During the eruption when I was in a viewing site I saw the volcanos side just slide down and explode like a bomb.

The eruption was the most devastating eruptions in the United States the eruption caused ash to pile up Canada and 11 states with ash. The casualties were that unfortunately 57 people died. Sections of rail road was destroyed. There was over a billion dollars in damage including bridges,roadways,homes.

In conclusion the state of Washington and the United States witnesses the desimated area of debris everywhere and ash that buried cars and homes . Mt St Helens is the largest eruption of the 20th century.


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