Town of Pittsfield BY: Bennett Sheedy

Pittsfield Town Hall 3041 Kunesh North Rd. Pulaski, WI 54162

Map of Pittsfield Wisconsin

My issue

My issue that I choose was snow plowing. The way my local government is handling it is that they voted on it and they carried the motion. I do not agree with the way my local government is handling it because they should pay more money for plowing because they don't do very good and it is a safety hazard. The way I would handle it is that I would use more money for plowing. I would get better equipment and I would spend more times on plowing back roads. Another thing I would do is change what they put on the road because they only put sand on my road and I would do salt like the county does. Overall I don't like what my local government is doing with snow plowing I think they should spend more time and money into it.

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