The Capital By: catie cooper

The Dream

My dream starts out with my mom and I in the house or senate chambers of the capital. The chambers have balcony's above the main floor, where I saw people taking group pictures. Seeing this i am feeling left out or possibly confused. As I look at the crowd of people I see some of my close friends. My mom and i then decided to join the pictures, then i woke up from my dream.


Capital building- to dream or see this may represent something familiar. When i was younger i used to go to work with my mom everyday at the capital, so woth me moving to college in a couple of months this could be my minds way of showing me something familiar.

Taking pictures- the action of taking pictures in my dream may symbolize that i need to take more note or document more moments in my life to remember them later on.

Friends- To dream about my friends might symbolize that i need to participate in more social events and hang with my friends more often. This also relates to me moving to college soon and not seeing my friends everyday and spending the time i have left with them.

House or Senate Chambers- To dream about being here may indicate that i need to make some important decisions in my life that will impact my future. Whether this being friends, school, or family.

Dream Meaning

I believe that dreams help to show or help me think of ways through my life's decisions. I think my dream is trying to tell be about the choices or decisions i should make in the future. With going to college soon it comes with a lot of big decisions as well as choices to make while I am still in Austin. Possibly my dreams are giving me a heads up on what is coming up.


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