Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Elizabeth Valdes

Nature on Display

I found the design of this exhibit particularly appealing because it was so realistic. I felt like I was actually in the mangroves of South Florida. Had this exhibit been a photo, I would not have appreciated it as much because what made it special was being able to walk through the exhibit. This piece was also very special because it showed how much wildlife these mangroves support. Having grown up in South Florida, I used to kayak through these same mangroves all the time but I had never seen this many animals in the same area of mangroves at the same time. It shows viewers that the mangroves support life and if we want to protect that life than we need to protect the habitat in which they live.

Nature and Ethics

As I walked through the Butterfly Garden I was in awe of how delicate and intricate these little creatures were. So many flew around my head and I even saw one land on somebody's shirt. I hadn't been to a butterfly garden since I was in elementary school, so the experience might of well been completely new. There was so much beauty in, not only the butterflies, but also the plants that decorated their habitat. Through this experience, I was definitely able to love, respect, and admire the land as Leopold calls for us to do. I saw many bystanders taking pictures of the scenery and that made me feel very happy. Though I went to the museum by myself, I was able to appreciate the nature that was in front of me with the strangers around me. We exchanged smiles as the butterflies whirled around us. After this, I felt that I had an ethical responsibility to not only converse nature, but to also show others the beauty that it holds.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum helps us to step outside of our daily lives because it is not an experience that most are fortunate enough to attend whenever they want. This exhibit made me appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world that surrounds us everyday. The image above is a picture of me next to a Megalodon Shark jaw that became extinct millions of years ago. I was in awe at the size of the jaw, especially when compared to that of today's great white shark. It made me wonder, "Why could the same ocean support such large animals in prehistoric times, but not anymore?" These are questions that perhaps will never be answered and will only add to the mystery of natural world. This helped me to better understand who I am by reminding me not to stress over small details in my life that will have no meaning to me in years to come.

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