Canopy Survey By: Gabrielle garcia

Using the Densitometer
You have to keep the de someter straight. That's why there is a weight hanging from the yellow string.
Steps on how to use the densitometer
  • Look up through the densiometer and make sure it is vertical.
  • Make sure the nut/washer is directly below the intersection at the top of the tube.
  • Only use the densiometer to look up.
  • If vegetation, twigs or branches touch the intersection of the crosshair, it would be recorded as a plus sign (+)
  • If vegetation, twigs or branches do not touch the intersection of the crosshair, it would be recorded as a minus sign (-)
A homemade densitometer
Never looking through at an angle
The point where the strings cross should have so,etching going through it
North South & East West Charts

North & South- Birds Eye View and Side View

East & West- Birds Eye View and Side View

Strip Survey
The perimeter is 75 ft. all around
  • 188 Trees Total
  • 5,625 square feet
  • 13% of an acre
  • 1456 trees per acre
  • 3% tree coverage
Positions of NE, SE, NW, SW

+027.533630°/-081.55400° NE, +027.53369°/081.55420° SE, +026.53385°/-081.55426° SW, +027.53382°/-081.55400° SE

My Watercolor
A general picture of the preserves

Six word memoirs

  • My movie is ending with God
  • Stop. Take a breath, and listen

It was a great experience in the preserves. We learned what the canopy, subcanopy, shrub and graminoid is. The reason for the canopy surevey is because it gives data about where trees are and it will help make the location of where trees should be planted for better results. It is never helpful when a tree is planted in an inappropriate area where it won't be kept correctly. It was a great learning experience to find out if the preserves passed the canopy surevey.

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