John Wayne Gacy By: miriam raya

John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown Pogo the Clown
  • John Wayne Gacy murder 33 boys from ages 9 through 20. It all started on January 2, 1972 and ended in December 11, 1978.
  • Growing up Gacy had conflict over his sexuality, maybe that's what lead him to murder boys only.
  • He grew up in a abusive home, his father would drink a lot witch lead John's father to beat him up. Aside from his father beating John he would also beat John's mother.
  • John also suffered from alienations at school, he had a heart condition so he couldn't be as active as his other school members. Since he had that problem through the years I guess you could say he was bullied at some points in his life.
  • As a job John Wayne Gacy would dress up as a clown and preform at children's birthday parties in his neighborhood. Which is where you got his nickname "Pogo The Clown."
  • When John killed his victims he would place most of the bodies in a crawl space under his house and some in a river called the Des Plaines River.
  • Aside from the victims that were named there were other victims that were never identified.
  • Also Gacy went to jail for sodomy. A little after moving to Iowa people started saying that John have sexual encounterments with the men that worked for him.

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