Who is D.B. Cooper? By: Cassie eddy

  • In 1971, a man who called himself Dan Cooper, boarded a passenger plane from Oregon, flying towards Seattle.┬áIt began with Cooper handing a stewardess a note, indicating that he wanted her to sit next to him. At first, she thought he was just flirting.. Until he showed her the bomb he had brought on-board.
  • He told the stewardess that he wanted $200k in 20 dollar bills, or else he would detonate the bomb he had brought and kill the 36 other passengers. He also ordered for the pilot to supply him with 4 parachutes.
  • During all of this, no one suspecting a thing. The pilot dropped the passengers off in Seattle, no one harmed. Cooper received the $200k from the FBI, after them having taken photographs of the bills, and 2 parachutes, only holding onto 2. He then demanded to be flown over Mexico City, but the pilot couldn't follow that order, the plane wouldn't fly all the way out there.
  • The plane headed to Nevada, to fuel the plane. But as the plane was flying, Cooper demanded the plane being flown at 10,000 feet altitude, at a slow speed (200 MPH), and it was rainy and cold, in November. The man was only wearing "fancy" clothes, such as a suit and loafers.
  • What happened next is where the mystery begins. He asked the pilot to leave the lock on the ramp unlocked so he could have access. Cooper tied 21 pounds of money to his body, with 2 parachutes attached to him, and walked off the ramp. His body has not been found, and only $5800 has been found next to a river.
Money found

Since the hijacking, there have been over a 1,000 suspects, only a few actually viable.

The person who was most looked into was Richard Floyd McCoy, Jr. McCoy was responsible for what some say was a "copycat D.B. Cooper". He hijacked a plane in 1972, parachuting to safety. He had also kept passengers ransom for money, though he left behind far more evidence than Cooper had done the previous year.

McCoy had military experience and was an experienced skydiver. The FBI had suspected Cooper of having once been in the military.

Extra facts: Cooper had a parachute that wasn't very steerable, especially having been in the weather he jumped in. It was very windy and cold and rainy that night. There was a nearby river where it's believed he had jumped, with heavy rapids, also it's the river money was found by.

All the evidence that was left on the plane was Cooper's tie, 8 cigarettes he had smoked, a glass of bourbon and soda, and a second parachute that he did not use for the jump.

Parachute left behind

Is he dead, or did he land safely and get away with it?

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