Prague Mala Strana Across the River from the old town

Tuesday started off rather grey which fitted the sobering start to our visit to the various Synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery. By coffee time the weather had improved and the sky was beginning to turn blue. In front of the Spanish Synagogue is a statue of man with another man on his shoulders. The focus of the statue is on a native of Prague called Franz Kafka..

Man on Shoulders

Directly across the road from the statue is a Coffee Shop and Cafe called Nostress. It advertises itself as the best coffee in town since 2001. We certainly enjoyed our coffee and choice of cakes.

The best coffee in town - and the cakes were scrumptious!

Refreshed we were ready to cross the river by the bridge known as 'Mánesův Most'. Before crossing the bridge we had a great view of the castle and cathedral through an arch spanning the pavement. On the approach to the bridge we looked over to the impressive National Theatre.

Through the arch and across the river

Across the River Vitava we sat down to take in the area known as Malostranská and to admire the colourful houses. It is a busy tram stop with trams going in at least three or four different directions.


We then struck out along the Letenská road hoping to visit the (free) Wallenstein Gardens only to discover that we were a month too early - they were closed for the winter! From there we proceeded to a place where the tram runs through (or under) the middle of the house.

St. Nicholas Church

Walking through the pedestrian tunnel we came out by St. Nicholas Church building. In the UK we got rid of our trams and dug up our cobbles. Here in Prague the trams provide an excellent service and the cobbles add character to both roads and pedestrian routes.

Cobbles with distinction.

Almost by accident we found ourselves at the John Lennon Wall in the Malá Strana. A long running paint battle was fought over the wall by Prague's hippies and the secret police. Selfie sticks were much in evidence in this colourful location.

The John Lennon Wall
The John Lennon Wall in the Malá Strana

After this interesting find - although we had planned to visit the wall - we wandered the narrow streets of the Malá Strana crossing over the canal to Kampa Island. From the bridge we looked towards its more famous neighbour - the Charles Bridge.

The canal and crossing to Kampa Island

Close to the bridge leading to Kampa island was an old mill wheel. More than once the buildings at Kampa have had to be restored following severe flooding of the island. Here was to be found a very different view of the Charles Bridge and the Old Town.

Mill Wheel by the canal and a view of the Charles Bridge

On the island is a park, museum and several statues - including the crawling children. We could have spent longer in the Malá Strana but time was marching on.

Statues of 'Crawling Children'.

Making our way back towards the Charles Bridge we had a view across to Petrin Hill - one of Prague's public parks. Somewhere perhaps to visit on a future occasion.

Petrin Hill

Walking along the road we came across what seemed a Scottish Gaelic Cafe - Cafe Alba. Alas not so! No coffee there for us.

Cafe Alba

So it was we found ourselves back in Mostecká and crossing through the Lesser Tower and onto the Charles Bridge. Then back through the Old Town and on towards our accommodation. Tomorrow 'Prague By Tram" - so I am informed.

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