How Can You Differentiate Between Rocks Liam eckert

Igneous Means "Fire Formed". Rocks that form from molten rock that solidifies (Hardens) are called Igneous (this type is found near volcanic eruptions)
This Type of igneous rock forms underground or in caves where crystals grow inside of it.
Sedimentary Rocks are inorganic land derived sediments classified according to grain size (this type of sedimentary forms when different minerals layer above and below each other in the ground).
These are formed by compaction and cementation of the fragments deposited usually by running water entering calm water.
This type of sedimentary rock forms when other rocks are cemented together.
The word Metamorphic means "To Change". Metamorphic rocks form from already existing rocks. They can form from Igneous ,Sedimentary ,and already existing Metamorphic rocks.
They are formed by extreme heat or pressure. The rocks don't melt they recrystallize. These are two ways Metamorphic Rocks can form.
The Rock Cycle
Rock Cycle
Tools That Geologists Use
A geologist's hammer, rock hammer, rock pick, or geological pick is a hammer used for splitting and breaking rocks. In field geology, they are used to obtain a fresh surface of a rock to determine its composition, nature, mineralogy, history, and field estimate of rock strength.
Magnifying glass. A magnifying glass (called a hand lens in laboratory contexts) is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object. The lens is usually mounted in a frame with a handle
A field notebook is a tool used to collect qualitative data, quantitative data, and general information
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