Immoral Acts for Peace By: Maddison smith

Introduction to the Watchmen

In this graphic novel, Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons give us an exciting story of six characters lives in their attempts to keep the world at peace. What makes this story different from other super hero novels is the struggles or each of the heroes with morality, making the characters more human and realistic.

Unnecessary Destruction

In the small stories brought forth to us we are shown them killing unnecessarily in order to keep peace in the streets and in the war. They come into these situation trying to help the people and stop the chaos but find themselves killing in order to stop the fighting. Their qualification being that more people would've died if they hadn't.

In the above scene, we see the Comedian and the Nite Owl trying to tame a Riot in the streets. The riot proves to be too violent with the two heroes and the Comedian decides to fire into the crowd. He continues to attack despite the people scattering and despite the Nite Owls protests. We see how their spirits have weakened. We see their struggles to see what is moral after working so hard to help the people but finding themselves getting rejected for their hard work.

In this scene, we see the heroes being used by the government to fight in wars for them, furthering the war mentality. Through the reflections of Dr. Manhattan, the audience is given insight into his morality. He sees the "pointless butchery" but still finds himself continuing to fight and kill. He realizes that this is not what heroes are supposed to do. They are supposed to save lives, not perpetuate killing.

In this final scene of unnecessary destruction, we see Dr. Manhattan diffusing a mob by transporting them to another location. Some of the people during this teleportation have heart attacks in the process. We see Dr.Manhattan's analysis of this situation. While two people died, more people probably would have died in the mob. Through this the hero is seen justifying the killing of these people by saying that more people MAY have died in the process. This begs the question of whether the possibility of more deaths justifies the killing of some. The audience is shown these flaws in morality.

Adrian's Big Plan

The big event of this novel is then shown through Adrian's plan for world peace. There are a lot of conflicts and war going on in the world, which makes both sides confused and worried about impending warfare. Adrian understands that in catastrophic events where many people die outside of this war, people will join together to clean up the mess.

Adrian breaks Dr. Manhattan

In the Nite Owl's and Rorschach's confrontation of Adrian about his plan, he expels to the audience the people who were sacrificed in making this plan go about. In this scene, we see how Adrian used Dr. Manhattan in order to break him and make him leave earth, making their greatest weapon disappear for a while. The audience begins to see the lengths that Adrian would go for this plan to be brought about.

Adrian Breaks the Comedian

As this confrontation continues, we see his immoral actions continue farther then just making Dr.Manhattan have a breakdown. He reveals the killing of the Comedian. Adrian saw how his plan was breaking the Comedian, a hero that we have seen on numerous occasions perform immoral acts, crossing the line in many circumstances. The audience is shown the immorality of this event and the lengths that Adrian is willing to go.

The Monster

The event has finally happened. The Monster is unleashed on the people. There is death everywhere.

In this we see Adrian celebrating his triumph, the people coming together in tragic times and declaring peace. The audience then starts to question whether the killing of these people was worth this peace. Should we kill some people to possibly prevent an event that may kill many more. An event that may or may not happen.

Dr. Manhattan takes Rorschach

In this final scene, we see Dr. Manhattan continuing this killing to prevent Rorschach from telling the world of Adrian's plan. While Rorschach is right in thinking that Adrian should be punished for killing so many people, if he tells everyone of this plan then all of this killing will be for nothing. Dr. Manhattan sees this and takes him out before he tells anyone.


In the end, though, we see that despite all of the killing and immoral acts that happen in this graphic novel, Rorschach's journal is found. The reader can deduce that since this novel was based from Rorschach's journal that the secret was expressed to everyone. Although the continuation of these immoral acts was to keep this secret, secrets always have a way of coming out. Since peace probably would not continue after everyone found out, the immoral acts were no longer justified. The immoral acts were just immoral acts.

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