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I'm a mom, writer, hiking guide, artist, research investigator, and adventurer. I guide hiking tours of hidden history on Southern California trails as well as expeditions into the California desert to explore Native American shamanic rock art. The art I create is inspired by the Native American Huichol of the Mexican Sierra Madre mountains. Also, at the bottom of this page see the link to my AngelineTarot.com Tarot Card Reading site.

I am a native Californian with "indian" blood. I feel the land and its people in me. I have a passion for history, especially history of the American West, and it brings me tremendous joy to share that passion with others as a tour guide and through my art.

My lifelong pursuit is the interpretation of symbolism left on the rocks by early people of the ancient Southwest. It tells a fascinating story about diffusionism of the human race and the ideas people carried around the world for tens of thousands of years.

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I create Huichol Native American inspired “nieri’ka” prayer bowls, prayer mats and jewelry. They are representative of ceremonial objects used for thousands of years by the Huichol of Mexico to communicate with the gods. The center of the nieri’ka is the God’s Eye (Eye of God), the portal through which humans touch the divine. These symbolic works of art not only brighten your space, but are meditation tools. Beaded designs are affixed to firm media using the traditional method of pressing brightly colored beads into a medium of beeswax and pine pitch. I make these ceremonial objects with joyful intention and love. Every bead is a prayer. • Etsy.com/shop/HuicholShamanArt •
We live in a global community and groundbreaking science, such as ground penetrating radar and ocean archaeology, is proving that we've always lived in a global community. The history of the Americas includes advanced civilizations that reach into deep antiquity and share worldwide cultural influences. This is an exciting time to be learning about the ancient Americas because what's being discovered is breaking apart everything we've ever been taught about the Americas and Native American culture. Join the discussion! Post photo galleries of your travels. Recommend books you've read. Link to videos and podcasts you've enjoyed. Share your discoveries and learning. You are the one who can help bring ancient truth into modern light! As the Hopi elder said, "We are the ones we've been waiting for." • TheAncientSouthwest.com



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