Angeline Duran adventureR & artist of the american southwest

About Me

My passion is anthropological studies of the symbols of the Ancient American Southwest. I explore ancestral caves, cliff dwellings, and sacred sites learning the context of pictographs and petroglyphs created there by ancient inhabitants. An extension of this is practicing an art form created by the Huichol natives of Mexico. They fled from oppressors in their homeland, the plains of Mexico, into the mountains, where they were left to keep their ancient customs thriving. They have evolved this colorful, commercial form of art from deep spiritual practices creating prayer mats and prayer bowls. I honor the sacred history of this craft and revel in the playfulness of its modern form.

As for Tarot, I am a polymath. I recognize that for at least the last 37,000 years the world has had boats and the diffusionism of ideas. Symbols traveled by boats and divinations systems like Tarot carry the message of ancient archetypes that are essential to humans of every continent. I am a deeply spiritual person who has dedicated years to honing my intuition. I channel that into reading the messages of the tarot for those who want to hear.


Please visit one of the websites above for more information about your area of interest and what I can offer you. Also, feel free to reach out to me at info@hiddentreasuretrex.com or (888) 809-5012. Thank you.

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