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New Thinking

We show you an unconventional concept for your company

Unique. To become that, you have to think differently. Thinking ahead, thinking outside the box, free thinking. Allow the New. Create opportunities. Move your thoughts. Like tables that stand in the office because they have always been there. If you move them a bit, the room looks different. Yes, one would not have thought so, pretty. Unexpectedly good. And suddenly the view is quite different.

Long term. Traditionally, success means achieving targets, KPIs. We think differently. Sustainable success starts with the competencies of all employees and with trust. The focus is on challenging conventional wisdom about corporate culture, performance, management, salary structures, and strategic planning. Does your business lead its culture with rules and policies or shared values? Do you promote performance or compliance? Can your managers deal effectively with a reality that is constantly changing? Are your employees engaged, or do they prefer to wait for the weekend?

Worldwide. We are different. Others may claim that, but we can prove it. With our customers around the world. As trusted advisors, we help companies discover unusual ways to succeed. It is often the small changes that bring about great things. And that is never a question of regional attitude but of general understanding.

Personal. We understand organizations as systems, whose culture, as system structure, determines the behavior of employees and their willingness to perform. In order to change behavior, in order to achieve high performance, the culture - the system structure - needs to be changed. We, at the TWC Consulting Group, know how to do this. Invest in the future and make an appointment with us. Again, we are different. We attach great importance to the conversation. That's the only way we change attitudes - maybe yours too.

Performance Management

The error in the system

We demonstrate how to correct this to your advantage.

Analytical. Traditionally, organizations are run like this: performance is measured with target achievement. Success is packed in metrics and sales figures that bosses study and try to control. This is not managing performance, this is managing compliance. The motivation for employees is a good salary when they achieve their KPIs. Errors lead to termination. This leads to a struggle for talent and fear among employees. The results of such a system is subject to media frenzy and Congressional Hearings.

Progressive. All of this can be changed. We want to take this rigid system apart, re-arrange it and rebuild it. Like a Lego house, we disassemble it into the individual pebbles, consider where they have the best place and build a new house. A building of good thoughts. A bulwark, stable enough for the disruptions of today. The only solution that makes a difference is a new organization design, one that works from the inside out and stands for sustainable success on economic, social and ethical levels.

Changeable. It's time to think differently. Stop blindly following targets. Stop repeating always the same ways of managing. Stop looking for conventional solutions. Challenge the 'status quo.' We see every day where the sales target compulsion leads many company bosses. You really have to start somewhere else. Not with the numbers. But with the culture.

Systematic. Organizations are systems. Old hat. But that means, the laws of system theory have to be applied. System structure has three vectors: direction, hallmarks, and shared implicit values. In short, guidelines engraved like hallmarks in the DNA of the system. Many leaders sense that something has to change. But very few people know what and how. A cultural transformation needs courage and considerable change management competencies.

Insightful. If you do not control your corporate culture, if you do not manage it, you get the one you deserve. And that is correct. The culture you have by default is rarely the one you would like to have or even the one you believe you have. In a system, behavior and performance are determined by the structure. Culture is structure. And you can change that.

TWC knows how it works, we know how systems work. We know the difficulties and know what a culture transformation needs: strong political will, commitment, patience and substantial know-how.

If you want to find out how your company would perform in a system capability assessment, just press the button:

Live values, understand social requirements, and create ethical concepts - these are building blocks for sustainable success
Management Competency

Management is at fault

We demonstrate how to break away from hierarchical thinking.

Competent. Unfortunately, middle management is often incompetent. Often arbitrarily put together. Some people have come to the position by promotion. As a reward, because they have been in the company for so long or because they have performed well in their non-managerial position. Hardly anyone asks for suitability or competency. We do.

Efficient. We believe that organizations with a vision of the future can no longer afford managers who delegate, control, get the job done, and fire-fight. We look at management, define the purpose, and point out where the required competencies lie, and we turn these people into true managers.

Exemplary. A manager must, in our eyes, be able to lead, facilitate and think strategically. It takes feeling and vision. It is important to learn: to analyze, evaluate, and renew purpose and structures within the company. She has to recognize competencies, inspire people, build trust, eliminate fear, and bring complexity back into the organization. Strategic and far-sighted thinking is needed to preserve the integrity of the system 'organization.'

Sustainable. Our framework is a fundamental new approach towards effective management, culture management and transformation, performance & performance management, process support, strategy development. We enable our clients to build an infrastructure of managers that outgrow themselves. That's our specialty. This is a solid way to achieve sustainable success in your company.

The requirement: Think. Differently.


  • An holistic view of the company is the basis of effective leadership at all levels
  • Priorities are possible, but very expensive
  • The middle management level is the competent guard over the system
  • Rules do not change behavior, only implicit and shared values ​​do
  • Targets, KPIs. are not suitable for managing or evaluating performance
  • Sustainable performance is achieved by understanding and translating the understanding of values ​​and dynamics of the performance stakeholder groups
  • Managing through 'Fear' is not a performance-enhancing management method

Our Offer:

  • A language to talk about the organization’s dynamic behavior/performance
  • Representations to facilitate collaboration and joint action within the organization
  • Value maps and dynamic purpose maps
  • Development of a corporate culture that is consciously managed with shared values
  • Recognize hidden problems and solve them holistically
  • Performance management instead of compliance management
  • Impart solution strategies and skills based on new thought patterns
  • Competency-based remuneration models
  • Dynamic measurement and planning environments
The only truly sustainable competitive advantage an enterprise has lies in its competency architecture
Strategic Planning

Dynamic Strategic Planning

We show how strategic plans can contribute to more flexibility

Disruptive.Traditional concepts of strategic planning analyze the markets, the competition, in short: the microeconomy. Organizations try to optimize the value chain in terms of costs and benefits. And one develops approaches to improve profitability, using correlation approaches. All of these are static methods. Approaches that do nothing. Organizations cannot adapt to big or fast changes with such methods. They crash at the wall of reality. We offer you an approach that works.

Innovative. A strategy must be dynamic. It must look at the dark places. Only then it will give your organization the foothold and at the same time the stability to stand up even in stormy times. Like a high-rise, defying wind and weather only with built-in dynamic elements. That requires new ways of thinking. It begins by understanding the correlations of all areas in the business from scratch. And if necessary, realign.

Flexible. While we can not look into the future, we can arm you for it. By preparing your business to be able to adapt smoothly to anything that comes. Not only without carrying heavy losses, but by being lightyears ahead of any competition.

The roadmap includes the following points:

  • Planning tomorrow's performance by creating a dynamic measurement and planning environment
  • Enhancing the ability to increase understanding of performance stakeholder value-maps and their dynamics
  • Enabling the organization to build and sustain the requisite competency architecture
  • Improving the ability of the organization’s competency and resource architectures to introduce successful concepts at ever increasing speeds
Strategy must be dynamic - it also must lead an organization out of its comfort-zone
Remuneration Strategy

The biggest mistake: pay for performance

We show you a different approach to remuneration

Performance-oriented. Do you pay your employees for performance? We think things are going better otherwise. Remuneration based on achieving targets does not create performance and does not improve it. It does not motivate and does not attract new employees. This is confirmed by solid empirical evidence in numerous studies. People who expect a reward for their commitment are performing less well than people doing their job out of an inner drive.

Engaged. We build on a remuneration system based on the competencies of employees. TWC is happy to advise you on building a structure that does not play people against each other but promotes engagement and collaboration. We will show you how to build a modern corporate approach in which talent is gained and promoted. Good people who stay. A future-oriented company only wins with engaged employees.

Just. You have probably heard of the notorious gender pay gap that has led to lawsuits, convictions, and declining motivation? We know that wage differentials of any kind can only be avoided with salary transparency. We show you how to develop an approach that leaves all employees enthusiastic about the salary structure.

Who we are

We are the TWC Consulting Group

We'd like to show you who we are and what we can do. Now.

Experienced. We possess over 25 years of professional expertise & world-wide experience and stand as trusted advisors at your side. We have helped customers around the world to abandon conventional wisdom, challenge current thinking, and break new ground. We know how to look at culture, performance, management, remuneration, and strategic planning from a completely different angle and transform these with new thinking.

Different. Our clients select us for our ability to highlight issues that cannot readily be seen using current methodologies, 'best practices' or 'world class' benchmarks, as well as for our ability to enable them to address these. We work to build up their immunity to the current 'flavor of the month' strategies and 'politically correct' management behavior.

Functional. TWC looks after organizations of every size and industry. We help you to think differently. With us as catalysts, you will be able to design new approaches, methods, and processes, that will take your organization to a whole new level of performance. And, we hold your hand. This is change management that works.

Sustainable. Especially companies that are successful today have to keep learning. Success today can be a big roadblock to future greatness. Current methods are not enough to remain at the top. We see that with many customers. It needs new thinking - new ways of access. We open these doors.

Call us and arrange an informal appointment. Think of it as an investment in the future.

Our code

  • We only offer advice we are completely convinced of being in the best medium and long-term interest of the client organization.
  • We will establish realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services.
  • We will agree in advance the basis for fees and expenses, and will charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate and commensurate with the services delivered.
  • Our word is our bond.
In order to change a successful organization into a superior enterprise - a change of mind-set is inevitable. We show the way.

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