Charity diary cover design 2017 Arya Sutadisastra, Final journal entry

Charity organisation

World Wildlife funds

World wildlife fund is a non-govermental organisation that helps to protect the future of nature. World wildlife funds provide services in over 100 countries and are supported by more than 6 million members around the world. The world wildlife fund purpose is to protect the worlds most important forests and endangered species, to ensure healthy oceans and Marine livelihoods, to secure fresh water for people and nature, to provide double the amount of food availability, and to prevent climate change.

"Conservation endures as a living discipline because it is inhabited by a magnificent collection of people. Only by working together can we create solutions to the most vexing problems we face." Carter Roberts, President and CEO of the world wildlife funds

Intended audience

The target audience for this diary cover design will be for anyone in general but mainly focus on those who would like to contribute on saving the worlds future and also anyone who have heard about this organisation (WWF).


The purpose of this diary cover design is to attract the intended audience attention and provide general visual information about the organisation mission on saving the worlds future.


This diary will be mainly used within the education environment, working environment and also research groups that are focus on making better future for the world.


To create this diary cover design will be few restrictions so that it will not offend any group communities such as the use of specific colours, inappropriate languages, and offensive design.




World wildlife funds has provided services such as donations, fundraisers, selling merchandise with the WWF logo, and also World wildlife fund work together with bank of America and Bearitos to achieve their goals on creating better future for the world.

WWF Merchandise, Bearitos chip and Bank of America


The target audience for this design cover are most likely people that have heard about world wildlife funds before and would like to contribute on saving the worlds future. So the diary cover design will be much more effective if it has the WWF logo, and also implement some features of the WWF website and create a similar design for the book cover such as the use of similar fonts, colour and etc so that the target audience will recognise this design is for the World Wildlife Fund.


Competitors: National wildlife federation


The materials used for this cover might be used on my final design and since it is paper card board it can be recycled
The used of an image that relates to the message they trying to tell. I would also use an image that will give visual message to show an awaernes.

Idea generation


rough brainstorm idea

Design elements

Some of the design elements that I might put in my final design are shape, colour and texture.

Shape: I was thinking to have an image that kind of represent what my design cover is go to be about as my design will be image driven and supported with simple text.

Colour: I was thinking to implement colour that is suitable with my design layout that kind of represent an animal in their natural habitat.

Texture: I was thinking to use simple card board material so that it can still be recycled.

Design principles

Some of the design principle that I might use in my final design are pattern, contrast and balance.

Pattern: I was thinking on applying a small symbol that emphasis animal paw around my design to grab attention of my target audience

Contrast: I was thinking to apply 2 different colour with my background and my text that I will be using, to kind of give a strong connection between the text and the background but at the same time it won't blend in together

Balance: I was thinking to put my images to be the focal point of this design, so that I will make the image slightly bigger compare to everything else in my design.

Concept development

I've sketched some of my rough ideas on how I would design my cover with different set of focus and also apply some of design element and design principle.

Image driven

With this image driven one I want to kind of make this design to just focus on the graphic as I will be putting an image of a panda with green background to kind of emphasis its natural habitat and the text 'diary 2018' will be in colour appropriate colour that will gives a contrast.

Type driven

With this type driven one I want to make the design to just focus on the text 'Save the planet' with paw pattern surrounding it to kind of emphasis that our planet are surrounded with many different living things and it will be such a waste if we don't save the planet, with a blue colour background to kind of represent the sky


Type driven

With this type driven one I kind want to just focus on a text design of the company's World wildlife fund I made with paw symbol surrounding the text to just represent that this cover design are for the world wild life fund trying to save our planet and just simple black and white for the overall layout to give contrast.

effective design solution

I believe to create an effective design solution is when appropriate design element and principle combine together in the most simplest way and provide a strong connection between each of the aspect.

Final concept

This is a rough sketch of my final concept. its a combination of text and image driven to kind of give a strong connection of the overall design. I believe with this design has served is purpose and will attract the target audience as it has the brief information of what this diary cover is about. as it has the text 'Save our planet' and an image of a panda, to kind of represent an awareness that panda is an endangered species. I also believe that this design will be appropriate to be use in educational and research purpose and that it doesn't have any aspect that might offend specific group of people.


As my final concept design is still a rough sketch, I need to create a proper design using adobe software with size of 210mm x 296mm (landscape) with 3mm bleed as it is a design for the front and back cover and dived into 210mm x 148mm (portrait) colour must be CMYK with 300dpi and high resolution print quality as PDF and also to include WWF logo in the cover. and also to arrange the image and text in appropriate place to give balance and also appropriate colour to give contrast.

Final diary cover design

Resolution of presentation

I have created my final design based on my rough sketch and modified my design to have the appropriate specification as the brief stated. I created my background to include the colour green and blue to kind of represent the planet earth. The image thats in the centre is a combination of 2 images I received from the internet and add border to create the 3d effect from the panda.

Albeniz, I. (2013). Bamboo forest [Photograph]. Retrieved from
Rasfan, M. (2016). One year old female giant panda [Photograph]. Retrieved from
World Wildlife Fund. (n.d). World Wildlife Fund [Logo]. Retrieved from

Everything else other than the centre image and the charity logo I made them my self. for example, the font of 'Save our planet' I used the adobe photoshop stock font 'futura', I tried to make that text to have the similar font as the world wildlife funds website. I also created the paw symbol from adobe illustrator. I've applied a repetition of the paw to kind of create my design seems active and I also create an illusion to make my charity logo seems to be moving from the front cover to the back with the use of paw movement across the page. I believe both my written and image information has connected to serve its purpose to raise awareness and save any endangered animals such as panda.

Reference (WWF Bag) (WWF Jackets) (WWF shirts) (WWF Credit cards) (Bearitos tortilla chips) (WWF logo)

Created By
Arya Sutadisastra


Created with images by Paolo Trabattoni - "Oso panda!"

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