A Museum Full of Beauty Created by: Christina Morales

Nature & the human spirit

This museums helps us step out of our everyday lives and truly thrusts us into a world that people assume is mere imagination, but rather it is all just from a time not-so-long ago. At least for me, I dove into a world of such tremendous beauty and intrigue. I think this picture fits perfectly for this page of the story because it was astounding to me that there was actually a time in which a shark as large as this one once lived. Can you imagine what it would be like if you were swimming in the ocean and the Megalodon swam right under you? This would never happen, of course, due to the fact that this kind of shark died out a myriad of years ago. However, even knowing that such an animal even existed must be hard for many people to really understand. It still is pretty difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that there actually lived such a monstrous shark. (I am pretty glad that it does not exist nowadays because you would never find me at the ocean!)

Nature on Display

This was one of my favorite exhibits to see while I was exploring around the museum. This was such an interesting part of the museum because it is one that was brand new and would only be there for a short time. It took replaced the "Wicked Plants" exhibit. I truly had an overwhelming sense of trepidation as I found myself entering this exhibit. It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a mere piece of glass is what stood between inherently poisonous frogs and me. Some were rather cute, but some were downright terrifying. I am not a big fan of these amphibians, but they were also quite amazing. Some burrowed, some slept on the glass, and some sat in the water. This remains one of my favorite museums based on the fact that it is so interactive! Even in non-lasting exhibits like these, there are still parts of it that are interactive and capture everybody's attention. I thoroughly enjoyed this new exhibit; the frogs were pretty gross but also really cool.
nature & ethics

Exhibits tantamount to the one shown above seem to capture my attention and intrigue in a way not much else really does. This truly makes me appreciate life in a way that I had not before. It is really an amazing thing to look at all of the different types of animals that have existed, that still do exist but are still amazing to me. The most dumbfounding animal that I found in this exhibit was a 20-foot tall sloth! It made me question aloud, "Did this sloth ancestor act the same way that sloths do today?" Imagine a gigantic sloth just lounging in a tree upside-down. That must be quite a sight. Museums just make me look at the world with a whole different mindset; our world is full of so much beauty, and most people do not even know that animals like these even exist! This museum tour definitely opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities of odd, yet equally fascinating, critters from long ago.

the end

Here is me at one of the unparalleled exhibits at the museum!

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