Learning Guide Four

Key Readings Summary: Through the four key readings in learning guide four, I have learned that the first step to a good photo is seeing the image you want to produce with your naked eye before touching a camera. A good photographer should be able to see potential pictures in the world around him without looking through a sense. This skill of reteaching your eyes to see is mostly acquired by experience, but exercises such as looking from right to left instead of left to right help us to see what we may skip over otherwise. Another element that separates a good photograph from bad is composition. Composition is not only how the photo is played out, but rather how the photographer draws the viewers eye to certain subjects or parts the photo. Composition is also not a factor that can be fixed in editing, but is determined when the photo is taken. The final element of photography discussed in learning guide four is that of color and the color theory. The author relates painting to photography in that the way colors work together and the photographers knowledge of color plays as much of a role in a photograph as the paint colors do in a painting. The idea of color theory plays a role in composition because first order or primary colors catch the eye of the viewer before second order or secondary colors do. Therefor, Reds, Blues, and Yellows are effective when trying to catch the eye of the viewer. The opposite goes for the mixtures of these colors that make secondary colors. These three aspects of photography can be used to draw attention to certain subjects in a photo and ultimately help to convey the artists intentions to the viewer.

I consider this photo to be a good photo because it is what I wanted it to be when i took the photo. The person in the middle of the field of view is symmetrical, and the colors and shades of red blend well together. One thing that could have taken this photo from good to bad is if the person in the middle was not symmetrical and if the face wasn't blurred.
This picture is not a good picture because it is one demential and uninteresting. One thing that could have made this photo great is if there was something more interesting in the background.
Rodchenko emulation

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