i have no idea Clara Crisp

Well since this is the first journey log were doing since spring break I'm going to enlighten you on the exciting happenings of my week of vacation. Buckle your seat belts, its a thriller.

To start off this wonderful adventure, I worked! for more than half the week, I worked. My boyfriend and I had planned to go to the beach, but last minute the plans changed🙃 thanks to the wonderful fool below.

Even those this put a damper on my personal plans, I realized I needed to be flexible. There were benefits I could reap from working the first part of the week. When did a little extra cash ever hurt anyone?? So I did my best to put aside the jealous, tantrum throwing part of myself and focused myself on being flexible. Not only did this make the alternative more bearable, but it gave me a willingness to change it up.

Now as I admit to myself the importance of flexibility, I keep this in mind as I approach the next raid. I had my first idea of creating Medusa's layer set in my head. However, during class Chris talked about the "importance of detail". This greatly changed what I needed for success in my raid. I was a little put out due to having my creation all planned out, but having flexibility fresh in my mind, I decided it would work out better if I just started from scratch.

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