Is a historic revolution different from a modern revolution? Lilly conner-urnise


It has came to my knowledge that revolutions are still a thing happening around the world. For instance we have the Syrian revolution, the revolution in Egypt, Tunisian revolution, etc. After learning about revolutions in history and learning about modern revolutions, I got to thinking how revolutions could be different compared to others.


There are more modern revolutions than I thought going on and by showing how things have revolved since then, evidence can be presented with minor and major differences between revolutions. This will show us how modern revolutions are compared from revolutions hundreds of years ago.


Is a historic revolution different from a modern revolution? Modern revolutions have more differences than similarities when compared to historic revolutions. Today we have beyond more technology compared to what the French revolution had or what the American revolution had. Goals overall have stayed within the same content, wanting to overthrow government for something better. Besides the technology and goals, our weapons have became pretty advanced than what it used to be as well.


One of the biggest differences between the revolutions today compared to historic revolutions is the easy access to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are widely used sources for updating people about what's happening on the ground during a revolution. Social media in general can be both a spark and an accelerant for the revolution, it allows people to organize themselves, coordinate protest, etc.


There are similarities of modern and historic revolutions, which are goals. Wanting to overthrow governments, a new democracy, wanting equality, independence, freedom, change. All of these which why


Weapons; the key to violence in a revolution. With the world growing and revolving, our weaponry has definitely taken a new look to itself compared to the 1700's weapons. Today we're finding all the ways to better our weapons, making them more deadly/violent/better. Today's weapons in revolutions are far more advanced compared to the older revolutions. Granted there are a few weapons that we use from older revolutions, but we have upgraded to make them suitable for today's revolutions.

Final Words

In class we have talked about older revolutions and we've done research on modern revolutions on our own. Revolutions have changed and are different in many ways.


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