The ABC's of Africa by: Dawtlen sung thannget


its the second largest continent of the world and its located South of Europe

Africa was once apart of Pangaea


located mostly at the country of mali

every Barbara village is made up of money different family unit

Child Soldiers

some child soldiers are forced to act violently against families

child soldiers are children under 18 who are recruited by armed groups


they are known for their extensive carving of masks and wooden figurative art

Their primary colors are red,black,and white


virus from wild animals to humans

its a deadly disease that could travel easily from person to person


its the largest nomadic group in the world

its population is more then 6 million

Ghana Empire

it located western Africa and the word "Ghana" means "warrior king"

it was combined in the kingdom of Mali in 1240 marking of the Ghana empire


71% of the H.I.V related deaths in 2011 were people in africa

there are 23.8 million infected people in Africa


it was used to making farming implements and ritual things


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