Anzac Day By Alfie

Anzac day is a day where we comerate the New Zealand army troops that went to fight in World War 1. Over 11,000 soldiers died for our country. When they went to war they teamed up with Australia, together they were the Anzacs-[Australia New Zealand Army Corps]. We march on Anzac day, Anzac day is the 25th of April. It is the 25th of April because that was the day the Anzac were dropped off at the peninsula of Gallipoli which is now known as Anzac Cove.
On April 25th 1914 the Anzacs-[Australia New Zealand Army Corps] went to World War One. They were dropped off at the peninsula of Gallipoli Turkey. They were tired out even before they fought because they had to climb up hills while turkey were constantly shooting.
The countries that were involved were Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Turkey, Neue, France, Russia, USA, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Bulgaria in 1914.
It took place in Gallipoli Turkey from 1914-1918, over 133,000 soldiers died.


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