Tibetan Sky burials Sam wiegand

To begin the burial process in Tibet, they begin to wrap the bodies in cloth.
In the Christian tradition they would wash the bodies with oils as opposed to the wrapping of cloth.
The tibetans would then have a ceremony involving chanting to save souls from purgatory.
In the Christian tradition they would have wake services remembering the dead and celebrating their life in prayer
Tibetan families would then take off the clothes of the deceased as the body carrier would begin to carry to body to its eternal resting place.
The Christian faith leads to funeral rights invoking the celebration of the Eucharist as well as one's life, ending with a procession towards the cemetery.
In Tibet they would then have the ceremonial "su" smoke to attract condors.
In the Christian faith they would have blessings and Rites prior to the burial of the body.
Condors or vultures would come and eat the bodies. If the bodies were eaten that means the spirit was clean and their soul would move on. If not well, rough life.
Following the burials families would provide eulogies and remember the family member by praying for their soul's entrance into Heaven.

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