Visual Effects for Educators Learning Journal by LaDale L. Whaley, M.S.

Welcome to my 2019 Learning Journal for the Adobe Education Exchange - Visual Effects for Educators Course. The following entries will display the various assignments I successfully completed as part of the requirements for the course. This course requires the use of Adobe After Effects, which to date, I have not been required to use on a regular basis. However, I have in the past used it, and even taught courses. By in the end of this course, I expect to become comfortable again using the new Adobe After Effects to develop engaging course content for my online courses.

Workshop 1 - Green Screen Basics


The first assignment required Adobe After Effects to remove the green screen in the video, and replace it with an image of an ex-ray. I have had may years experience with After Effects and Green Screens from working in the broadcast media industry for 6 years. However, it has been many years since I utilized my skills in After Effects. So this exercise was a great refresher for me.

Tutorial 1 Project time line.

I found this to be an easy tutorial to follow and complete. While I do expect the assignments to get more challenging as the course progresses, This was definitely a great way to get started.

Project window and close of the final composite.
Workshop 2 - Motion Tracking

motion tracking

I have never used the motion tracking to when using After Effects. This tutorial taught me a new skill that can come in handy in the future. I attempted to create my own motion tracking video, however, I found it more difficult. So I decided to complete option A for my first attempt. Completing the tutorial for this workshop was easier to follow, and after successfully completing the task, I now believe that I can do it on my own.

Project time line and tools
Sky Replacement

Matte, Tracking, and Color Correction

This weeks assignment required replacing the sky of the first video with the video (sky) from the second. This was not as hard as I thought it would be, and I was very satified with the outcome. I can see how using this effect would be a great help, in a time where accessing a specific element, obect, or location might not be possible.

Images of the process to accomplish this assignment.
Animating Still Images

Flying Through Animation

This assignment required the use of several still images to create the illusion of movement. While it seems pretty simple, I found the actual asignment to be quit difficult. Although I followed the tutorial step-by-step it was still a challenge for me.

I will admit After Effects is not my strongest skill set, however, I am always willing to try new things. Below are some images of the software, and a video of my final projet. This is defentelty not a featured portfolio piece, but it is my best effort.

Screen shots of project workspace.
Virtual Reality Environment

Creating a Sci-Fi Scene

This was by far my favorite assignment for this course. It was still very challenging, however, I felt more confident with the outcome. I can see this being useful in the future. Below are some screen shot and the final video of my work.

Screen shots of work space.
Created By
LaDale Whaley


Created with images by rawpixel - "untitled image" • Jeff Sandquist - "Channel 9 - Green Screen" • Jon Bunting - "funfair action" • Jason Wong - "untitled image" • neXtplanaut - "clouds" • HammerandTusk - "woman vr virtual reality"

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