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An Empowered You

When you think of boudoir, most people think pretty, glamorous, slightly alluring images. Well, welcome to a whole new era. Boudoir is no longer JUST pretty. It’s intimate, it’s darker, and it’s RAW. At least with us, that’s Boudoir. Anyone can take a pretty picture, that’s not what we’re after here. I don’t want you to come and pose all pretty, and leave just happy. I want you to come to me nervous as hell, because you will leave more confident than you thought possible! I want you to be ready to bare it all. Ready to set yourself free from all the bonds we've placed on ourselves in our everyday lives. I want your emotions and your passion. If you’re sitting there right now saying “NOPE, I can’t do that” now is the time to do it, because YES YOU CAN. Every woman can do it.

As women, we’re passionate by nature. We love hard, we fight hard, we dream hard, and we sure as hell fuck hard. So why hide it? Because you we've been told to for years to act like a lady? Because that’s what good girls do? Who the hell said you had to be a good? Times are changing, women are fighting back, showing how “docile” we truly are. We are no longer expecting the norms of society. We are no longer allowing others to shame us because we’re a size 2 or because we're a size 22! We’re taking charge of our own lives, and learning to love our bodies as they are.

Now’s YOUR time. Together we will empower your confidence, embrace your vulnerability, and reunite you with the woman you’ve always been.

The First Steps to Empowerment Start with YOU.

When I created Eleventh Hour, I knew I wanted to do more than just be a photographer. I wanted to help other women who have been in the same place I have, that self-doubt, and self-hating dark place we've all been to. Together we are creating a community of strong, confident, empowered women. It isn't all about boudoir, and sessions, we have a VIP group on Facebook with almost 3,000 members. We chat daily, and it's always filled with positive vibes, and body love. We motivate each other daily, and we're always there for each other!

I get a lot of women who WANT to do this, but they use the excuse of "I don't have anyone to gift these two" Or "I just need to lose some weight first" You DON'T NEED ANYONE to gift these too! Your images are works of art of YOU. Gift them to YOURSELF! Hang them up on your walls to remind yourself daily of the stunning gorgeous babe you are. STOP with that whole "weight excuse" because that's all it is, an excuse! We all would love to lose a few pounds, but let's be honest, are a few pounds going to make you 100% happy? Are you going to love your body again from losing weight? Or can you learn to love yourself by stop telling yourself you NEED to lose weight, and start loving your body NOW.

How to Get Started!

One of the first considerations is scheduling. We always suggest our ladies book 8-10 weeks before any big event whether it's a wedding, birthday, Holiday, or Anniversary. This ensures we have plenty of time to plan, shoot, and of course for you to receive your purchased albums, products, and goodies. Our session days are Monday, Wednesday & Fridays. We do ask that a full contract and session fee be paid upon booking, this will secure your date, and we can move forward with the details.

When you're ready to book, we'll work together closely to prepare you for your session. We always start with a phone consultation to make sure we have the same vision for your session, but also, we can get to know each other and we're not chatting for the first time on the day of your boudoir sessions!

Before our phone consultation is over we will have your session date picked out and booked completely! Next it's time to start searching for lingerie pieces. DON'T worry, I've got you covered! I have a full list of lingerie boutiques I ADORE! If you are at a loss and want help finding your lingerie pieces, LET ME KNOW! I can always help!

Time to Rock this Shit!

Once you arrive at our home studio for your session, you will be greeted with snacks and drinks, along with pampering starting with Sara. Sara is our Makeup and Hair Guru, and she is amazing at what she does. You will sit down with her for the first 60 minutes and just let her work her magic, and chat a bit. Once you and Sara are finished we will pick out your first outfit, and start your session. Do NOT stress! We've got this. I will pose you and walk you through each pose, and half the time I'll be SHOWING you the pose we're going for! We do not rush anything. I want you to be relaxed, and if I notice that you're still nervous after a bit, we will take a break and we will do a few warm ups. But trust me, you're going to rock the shit out of your shoot, you'll be ready for another one right away! By the end of your session, you're going to be wondering what you were so nervous about in the first place. You're going to want to show off the art you just created of yourself!

After your session, we will set up your ordering session {if you haven't already done this at your consultation} within 2-3 weeks of your session. Then all you need to do, is go home and get all dolled up and head out for a night of living! You'll already have your hair and makeup done, so why waste it!?


We now offer TWO different ways of booking your session! You can book A LA CARTE or you can choose one of our all inclusive COLLECTIONS to book.


Time | Talent | Final Image Enhancements

Pre consultation session

2+ Hour session

4 Outfit changes + White sheet session

Access to our Boudoir Closet

Professional Hair and Makeup

Premiere Ordering Session

$300 {+IAST}

*The session fee is due upon booking, and is nonrefundable. Your session fee holds and insures the date of your session. This fee cannot be refunded, but it can be transferred to another session date {ONE TIME}. The session fee does NOT contribute towards any products purchased.

Albums and Collections listed below!


All of our products are custom designed and handmade

Personalized Digital Collections Images range from $35-$100 depending on digital package purchased
Retro Viewfinder starting at $350 and comes with 1 image wheel with 8 images.
METAL PRINTS comes in four sizes with a white or black mounted frame.

Upon creating Eleventh Hour, I wanted to provide only the best products for our amazing babes. So after our first year, we have created what we feel are amazing, stunning, gorgeous pieces of art that best showcase who our clients are, as strong, gorgeous women. All USBs are designed by myself, and made by hand be a company we have worked with closely over the past year. Our Albums are as well designed by myself, and we have a husband and wife company who hand makes all our albums. The quality in their work shows with each album. We offer a few add on products that we have come to love, as much as our clients have. Our add-ons consist of our Retro Viewfinders, Gallery Apps, and Image Blocks. Because we believe that every woman is a work of art, and that we must learn to celebrate ourselves, we believe fully you ARE art! This year one of our newest items, are our Luxury Metal Wall Art. We offer these in 3 different sizes, and all come ready to hang.

We offer an A La Carte menu, so that you can choose your items, and we've created 3 new collections!

During your reveal session, we will sit down together, and view your personal slideshow. We will then go through each of the images, and we will sort through the images you can NOT walk away from, and images you probably could. Afterwards we will set about creating your personalized collection. Starting with how many images you want to keep, and creating your complimentary album {if your selection comes with an album} and any add-ons you wish to add to your collection.

A La Carte Menu


Little Black Book 20 Page Album


Lavish 30 Page Album


Starlet 40 Page Album

*Add-ons available for all albums. Diamond Cover upgrade and additional spreads available upon request. Diamond Cover and Album fabric upgrade $299.94 Additional Spreads available at $150 each spread.

Our Collections are designed to create stunning works of art of YOU.

Each collection is designed based on what our clients love. Each one will include session, with an album, and wall art. We fully believe that YOU are art, and not digital. We created each piece with YOU in mind. You have hidden yourself to much, it is time to show off who you truly are. A stunning work of art. It isn't just about being art, it's about reminding yourself of how you felt the day of your session.

When you are having one of those days, where everything seems to bring you down, turn and look at this on the wall. You will remember that bad ass babe who conquered her fears, and showed herself just how GORGEOUS she truly is.

*Not all our fabrics can be used with the Diamond Cover, but we will go over that when we design your album


The Wicked Ones


In depth styling planning session

Access to our Boudoir Closet

filled with lingerie and accessories

Professional hair & makeup

photographed in our personal home boudoir studio

2.5 hours in home session time

2 hair and makeup looks

Personal Viewing Session

Together we will create the perfect art for your wants

$500 off an album

16x20 LUX Print

30 Image USB

Gallery APP {can be downloaded twice to share with your lover and yourself!}

Two image bedside folio

A la carte value $4559

Wild Love


Consultation and Personalized Planning

Access to our Boudoir Closet filled with lingerie and accessories

1 hair and makeup look

2 outfits

1.5 hour in home studio boudoir session

$300 off an album

20 Image USB

Gallery APP of all images chosen

A la Carte Value of $2539 {$760 discount}

Forever Young


In studio 1 hour session

Access to our Boudoir lingerie and accessories

Professional Hair & Makeup

1 outfit + sheet session

$200 off an album

USB with 10 Images

A la Carte value of $1347 {$348 discount}


Hair and Makeup

Access to our Boudoir Closet

45 Minute Session

$100 off album

5 Downloadable Images

* prices include session fee. Choose one of our collections at time of booking, and receive 20% off your collection. Payment plans upon request, first payment of $300 due at booking. offer is only good AT booking. Our ladies love being able to pay off their collection before their session, as it allows them to receive their images shortly afterwards!

What's Stopping YOU?


Our custom designed, mounted pieces of wall art show off the amazing, gorgeousness that is all YOU. We want you to remember this feeling of confidence not just today, but each time you look at yourself hanging on the wall, any time you are doubting your self worth, stop and look at your art, remember what an amazing stunning piece of flawless art you truly are. Because we want to create art, we have done away with any small sizes, and only offer pieces of art that stand out.

16x20 Metal Print $750

20x30 Metal Print - $999

30x40 METAL PRINT- $1500


Boudie Bank Accounts are available upon request.

We want YOU to be able to create the pieces of art and collections you want from your session. So we have created an amazing Payment Plan that has been such an amazing success in 2016. Almost half our babes in 2016 used our payment plan, to purchase their items. Wondering how it works? It's actually simple! At booking you can decide to order go with one of our all inclusive collections, and receive a 20% discount upon booking. Or you can wait until your reveal session. Upon ordering you will place 40% down and then we will set up a monthly payment plan that will work into your schedule and monthly budget. Each month you will be charged automatically on an agreed upon date. Once your payments have been completed, I will design your custom pieces, and you will receive an email notifying you when to expect your amazing products! Most of our babe's love the early payment option as it allows them to pay off their items faster, and get their albums shortly after their sessions!

We do offer add-on pieces such as our Image Blocks, Retro Viewfinders, Folios, those we will go over at your consultation as well!

*Once a payment plan is set up, you are agreeing to all sales final. Payments are non refundable if you change your mind later. If payments are declined upon automatically processing, you will be charged a $35 fee, and notified, you will have 5 days to make payment.

Still on the fence of booking? See what other's are saying about Eleventh Hour and their Experience!

Tiffany E.

I have always wanted boudoir pictures taken, but never found anyone I trusted or liked.. I have meet a few people, but I never went through with it until I met Nicole. Our connection was instant, and she made me feel safe.

When exposing your inner most self, you need someone to make you feel safe, and Nicole did that.. Her pictures are more art than anything. She can follow your body and capture the best of yourself.. And make you fall in love with all your imperfections.

Sarah was great... I usually don't like my makeup done (being a makeup snob myself) but she was great.. It photographed perfectly, and she was a blast to boot.

My shoot was amazing.. Nicole made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her direction was clear and understandable.. Considering I was naked in the woods with people around, She made me feel beautiful, safe, and amazing.

Please if you are on the fence do this... Nicole is your girl!!! I promise you will not regret it or be disappointed


I was so excited yet so incredibly nervous. I have always struggled with my weight, I have teeter tottered up and down, back and forth, and up and down again and again for years..... never really ever being happy or comfortable with myself in my own skin. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to live up to these other women.... how I was gonna allow myself to be comfortable enough with myself to give you guys what you wanted and needed of me. The moment you pulled in my driveway, everything changed...... my fears were gone, I suddenly was given the gift of confidence and was ready to do anything. I can't thank you enough for how you made me feel about myself. I have never, even in my skinniest of days, felt the self confidence and beauty as I did that day of my shoot. It honestly has changed me and my relationship with my fiancé. It gave me the opportunity to truly understand the love he has for me and to what depth and degree. Furthermore, it allowed me to appreciate it. Before that day, I would catch myself not getting fully naked in front of my fiancé, or quickly grabbing something to cover up with if he turned on the lights before I was ready.... I was scared he would see all the flaws and imperfections I hated seeing myself. But now.... after seeing him look at my pictures with such pride and excitement I realized it's not about the flaws and imperfections and what they look like to me because they are a part of me... I am what I am and he wants to see it! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!


Love her work! She was super friendly and much fun to work with. I was incredibly nervous about putting myself out there to do the boudoir shots, but it very quickly became a body affirming and confidence boosting experience. Definitely would recommend her!


Had such a great time with these ladies today. They are very down to earth and easy to talk too. They talk you through everything and make sure you are comfortable the whole time. Definitely cannot wait to do another session!


Thank you so much Nichole and Sarah!!!! I had an absolutely amazing time!!! I felt gorgeous and am just drooling over my images! If you are on the fence at all DO IT!!!!


I had so much fun!! From the beginning to the end. Never did I think could look like that. Thank you ladies for making me feel and look amazing!!!

You ready to say FUCK YOU to your fears, and reunite with the woman you have always been?


Ready to meet your inner Goddess?

Let's Chat!

Quad Cities, Iowa


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