Preps By Hannah Davis

The definition of "preppy" is "of or typical of a student or graduate of an expensive prep school, especially with reference to their style of dress.
“Annoying, they think they’re better than everyone around them”
“Come from money, have a big head-think highly of themselves, everything gets handed to them on a silver platter. Probably do well academically, probably going to college for four years and drive a nice car.”
“Think they’re better than everyone else. Dress nice everyday, do well in school, socialize with a lot of people, do a lot of school activities, play a sport”
“Standoffish sometimes, keep their grades up and care about their academics, can be teachers pets”

The expectations of preps are to do well in school, have money, be well dressed play sports, and be popular. These are high expectations, and can lead to an excessive amount of pressure. Someone who is looked at as a prep may feel as though they aren't meeting those expectations.

There aren’t any more advantages than disadvantages to being considered a prep. Some advantages might be that you’re looked at as if you have money, generally they do tend to be wealthy. Having money in our society is an advantage. You can get further if you have money. Disadvantages could be that people expect you to go to a higher level college or university. The pressure for that could become too much for certain people. Not everyone performs well under pressure. With the pressure for good schooling comes the pressure for a good career. Career fields like medicine or law are typically what’s expected. Some people would consider the “prep” group as a desirable one. If you’re from a community where this is the normal, swaying from this label may be frowned upon. If you’re from a community of lower class, it still may be desirable, it just won’t be the norm.

Here at TA, I feel as though people would place me in the loner category. I don't have many friends at all, and I tend to keep to myself. I go through the halls, usually with my headphones in, and really avoid making eye contact because I just don't know anyone. I'm new, so it's a pretty easy category to slip into. I don't feel as though this label has me tied down, I have plenty of friends, they just don't go to TA. I don't feel like I can't make friends because of it.

Would you be friends with someone you knew didn't belong to your social group?

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