Skill Builder : Design for Print & Screen AGP Learning Journal

Class 1 (4.12.17)

I've been playing with InDesign more and more in my job so I was pleased to find that my super basic knowledge of the software made this assignment fairly easy for me. It would certainly be more challenging to build a spread from scratch, but if I can find the time to do so I would enjoy pushing myself to learn it. As always with the Skill Builders, I enjoyed learning new tips and tricks to expedite my design process like converting fractions to their proper size and adding sub-steps. By far the hardest part of this assignment was not getting to eat a chocolate cupcake at the end!

Class 2 (4.26.17)

For this assignment I spent the majority of my time experimenting in Photoshop. I wanted to see how creative I could get with basic stock photography and I've never really played around with the (honestly, overwhelming ) plethora of features. Originally, I wanted to include a third photo of a lead singer-type but the layout just didn't agree so I chose to create a fictitious brotherly duo instead of a trio. Based on the photos I was able to find, I wanted to go for a more indie band vibe versus the punk vibe portrayed in the lecture example. I hope my choice of color and typography help in portraying that. I amateurly (I can't for the life of me figure out how to properly spell that) tried to pull the singers out of their original photos so that I could create a new "life" for them. Hopefully it doesn't come off too scrappy and unkempt. Overall I'm happy with the design, and as always looking forward to learning more about InDesign should a more in depth class open up.

Final Reflection (4.27.17)

I thoroughly enjoyed this short course and am looking forward to the possibility of a more in depth course opening up. I loved exploring the many ways I could play with layout and text, even when I (and this is totally my fault) was working down the wire, like I am now, to finish my projects. On my 2nd assignment I received some awesome feedback about how to tweak my design and coloring to capture the "indie" feel I was going for. Although I won't be able to make those edits before the course deadline is reached, I certainly plan to do so on my own time. As always I have nothing bad to say about the Skill Builders. They have been such a great way to get a quick little boost of knowledge. InDesign is definitely one of the applications I use the most in my work setting and I am glad I took this opportunity to test my skills.

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