Frankenstein theme analysis Ty'saliece mitchell

People's judgement based on appearance

A mummy again ended with animation could not be so hideous as that wretch I had glazed on him unfinished he was ugly then (71).This quote contributes to my theme because victor he creator ran from him just because he was ugly

the monster

I entered, but I hardly placed my foot within the door before the children shrieked and one of the women fainted the whole village was roused some fled some attached me(132) because of the appearance people wanted to kill him on the spot they didn't care about his story or anything

village attack the monster

Agatha fainted and safie unable to attend to her friend, rushed out of the cottage Felix darted forward and with supernatural force tore me from his father to whose knees I clung in a transport of fury he dashed to me the ground struck me violently(170) the monster was just talking to the old man and they assumed he was attaching the old man just because he was different

him being attacted

I followed speedily, I hardly knew why but when the man saw me draw near he aimed a gun which he carried at my body and fired (177-178) he was helping a girl he saved her life but because he was ugly he got shot

the monster an d little girl

he struggled violently ''let me go'' he cried monster ugly wretch you wish to eat me and tear me to pieces (179) he was called these names because of what he looked like

the monster killing willaiam


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