Will black rhinos ever become extinct? Andrew

Matthew Lewis said, “Poaching is a scourge that could wipe out decades of conservation gains made for black rhinos.” In this article you will learn about why black rhinos are endangered, why people are hunting these black rhinos, why they are popular, and how we can help these black rhinos survive and live on.

Why are Black Rhinos Endangered?

Why are black rhinos endangered? These animals are endangered because people are hunting them for their horn. They are also endangered because of habitat loss and diseases, and the population of black rhinos is decreasing. They have banned being able to trade these horns. Statistics have shown that in 2014, 1215 black rhinos were poached, animals being illegally killed. In 2007 when poaching had just started only 13 black rhinos were poached. This means that because of the population decreasing by a lot per year, rhinos could be extinct very soon, and now they are critically endangered because of the poachers that are poaching these rhinos, habitat loss, and diseases.

Why are people hunting black rhinos?

Why are people trying to hunt down these black rhinos? They are being hunted by people. These people are called poachers, they have been illegally killing animals with horns like a rhino. The horns that a rhino has is called ivory, horns that come from rhinos. These horns can be sold for around $60,000 per pound. Bloomberg news said, “in 2014 rhinos horns costed around 60,000 per pound.” That could mean that depending on the size, a horn can go for a lot of money! Also another thing is since there has been a major loss of black rhinos in the last couple years they have now made police go 24/7 to keep these black rhinos safe. Also people have been trading rhinos horns because people think it can be used as medicine, and that’s why people are hunting black rhinos.

How can we help?

What are some of things that we can do to help these black rhinos survive? We can help this problem by donating to a reliable charity. With the money they can probably by gear and equipment for the people protecting these black rhinos. Some reliable charities are, save the rhinos this is reliable because it has org which stands for organization. Another reliable charity is world wildlife. This is also reliable because it says .org, but if it also says gov it is reliable because .gov stands for government, and you can definitely trust a government. People also want to protect this animals because a fun fact is that rhinos are the longest living mammals, they have been around for about 40 million years.

Why are they popular?

I wonder why black rhinos are popular? Black rhinos are very popular in Namibia. According to tradingeconomics.com, “in 2010, 984,000 people came to see the safari rides in Namibia.” They wanted to see animals like the black rhino. According to namibiatourism.com.na on average a person spends 1840 N per person per night. They usually stay and do tours nearby. Savetherhino.com has said that 28% of black rhinos population is in Namibia and they are trying to keep them as safe as they can, so they will not become extinct. People go to the safari rides because they mostly want to see the black rhinos. If the black rhinos go extinct many tourists might not come to your country. Your country will lose money and there jobs.

As you can see black rhinos are being poached and this is a big problem that we should try to solve so they do not become extinct. That is what I have to say in this article about black rhinos being endangered, why people are hunting black rhinos, why they are popular, and how we can help these black rhinos survive. How are you gonna try to save these rhinos?


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