Newborn Prep Guide NicSo Studio

Congratulations on your little one making their appearance! I am so excited to have your beautiful family in the studio for your dream newborn session!

This guide will help you step by step prepare for your newborn session and show you what to expect from your session.

Once your new addition arrives please fill out the newborn questionnaire at least 72 hours before your session.

What to do before the session

  1. Stimulate & keep baby awake before the session: I recommend a nice bath to make baby nice and tired! The session will last anywhere between 2-4 hours so we need a nice and sleepy baby!
  2. Feed baby right before the session: I recommend feeding no sooner than 30 minutes before the session. This will keep baby nice and sleepy. We will also take brakes during the session to feed as needed!
  3. Bring a pacifier, even if baby doesn't seem to take it: Sucking is very soothing, they aren't used to being moved as much as they will be during the session. We want to make sure baby is comfortable and relaxed at all times!

What to expect during the session

  • The studio will be very warm to keep baby nice and comfortable. The temperature will be between 70-80 degrees.
  • There is no need to bring anything for baby to wear. Being a full service studio I will provide anything baby needs to wear! If you have something you would like to be included please let me know in the questionnaire.
  • When baby needs a break we will take a break. Don't stress if baby gets fussy! If baby needs to stop and eat or change we absolutely will ! Most babies need to feed at least once during their session.
  • Once we finish the session we will schedule the date for your photo reveal!
Images stay forever even when those in it change

What to wear to your session

Go simple for family's wardrobe! When planning your outfits for your family photos & sibling shots stick with soft pastels and/or neutral colors such as white or cream. This keeps the focus on baby and your families connection. It also allows the images to match with any part of your home!

Steer clear of logos or bold patterns as your taste may change over time. We want your images to remain elegant and last a lifetime.

I am more than happy to help style your session! Always feel free to shoot me a text/email so I can assist you further.

Enjoy your session! Bringing a newborn into the home is very stressful and tiring. Someone else is taking care of your baby for several hours! Relax on the couch, have some snack and drinks that come complimentary with your session (did someone says fresh hot coffee?!). Take this time to unwind after a crazy week or two with your new addition. **Please note masks are required to be worn in studio when you are not having your photo taken!

Do you have any questions?

nicsostudio@gmail.com | (919) 840-8177 | www.nicsostudio.com

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