Book Thief Them: 2 Dane Pearce

Theme: Our Experiences Shape Who We Are

Quote: "Still in disbelief, she started to dig. He couldn't be dead. He couldn't be dead. He couldn't"(60).

Explanation Of Book Thief Quote: This quote is given when her brother dies. She is kneeling by him and crying for him not to leave her. Her brothers death is a sad but important part in her life and it had an effect on her life course. Liesels brothers death and her having to leave her mom had a big impact on her life because now she has no family and was forced to adapt to a lot of changed in a small amount of time. From the many hard trials Lesiel goes through, we can tell that she will be very strong and independent because she has had experience with having to fend for herself.

Life Example: The Self Made Man

Life Example: Explained: The life example I am using is the statue by the Parker library with the guy carving himself out of the block of clay. In the statue it shows a man chipping himself out of clay, creating himself. The analogy that is that our lives are like the block of clay and as we go through life, we slowly carve ourselves out of the clay. Our experiences in life determine the different chips that are being put into our statues.

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