How to Build a Bridge By Griffin kirn


  • At most 200 popsicle sticks
  • Elmers glue 1 1/2 bottles
  • 1 yard stick
  • Pack of rubber bands
  • 2 water bottles
  • Open space
  • Time

Side 1:

  1. Collect all Materials
  2. Overlap popcile stick that covers half of one popcile stick then glue together
  3. Keep overlapping popcile sticks until they are connected and reach 35 inches long
  4. After step 3 do the same thing but make it 32 inches instead of 35
  5. Next grab two popcile sticks and glue one of them to one end of the 32 inch stick then the other to the other end of the 32 inch stick
  6. Then glue one of the popcile sticks that you just glued to the 32 inch popcile stick and glue it to an end of the 35 inch popcile stick
  7. For this step repeat step 6 but do the other side
  8. While you are waiting for this to glue you can make a 35 inch popcile stick and then a 32 inch popcile stick
  9. After the 35 and 32 inch popcile sticks are glued repeat step 6
  10. After you finish that do start making triangles from the top of the 32 linch popcile stick which would be the point of the triangle and finish it at the 35 inch stick
  11. Keep doing it until that one hole side is covered
  12. Do the triangles on the other side too
  13. After these steps let glue dry fully

Side 2:

  1. After you did the first side of your bridge repeat all the steps you just did for the first side
  2. After the steps let glue dry fully
You should have two of these now

Connect Sides:

  1. First stand both side of bridge up
  2. While they are standing but two water bottles in between the 2 sides
  3. Next put one rubber band around the two sides of the bridge
  4. Next put another rubber band around the 2 sides of the bridge on the opposite you already put one on
  5. After that start by put glue on one side of the bridge then the other side on the bridge in the same space
  6. Next lay one popcile stick down where you just glued and make sure to glue in different spaces to but glue for right on top of bridge
  7. Do step 5 and 6 thirteen more times
  8. After that step start make V's in between the vertical sticks you just glued
  9. After these steps let glue dry fully
What it should look like at this point

Bottom of Bridge:

  1. After your glue has dried flip the bridge on the side the was just on the ground
  2. Next repeat step 5 and 6 in the previous steps you just did for 15 time
  3. After it is all glued take out the water bottles from the bridge and take out the rubbers bands from the bridge

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