TBH Creative Case Study The evolution of a logo: Baker Hill

As we embarked on a new project with banking software developer Baker Hill, they approached us for help with their logo, and subsequently with their brand guidelines, color palette, styles, templates, and other brand elements.

Baker Hill's old logo

Their previous logo featured a green color that had display and consistency issues, and received a mixed response (too "neon green"). Additionally, the small arrow was too small compared to the text to make it work well for embroidery, etc. Finally, the type setting had spacing issues between the characters - tighter on "baker" and wider on "hill."

Given that the logo was fairly new and everyone liked the concept of the arrow, we proposed subtle improvements to coincide with a campaign to promote the "Next Generation of Baker Hill"
TBH's logo evolution for Baker Hill

The new logo addresses issues with character spacing, arrow size, and embraces a more straight diagonal line for the "ill" to represent a bar graph rather than a curved line. Additionally, the green color is more modern and two-toned for more options.

Old and new logos
Old and new greens
New color palette

A key suggestion was to use blue as the primary color, and green as the accent color. This allowed the blue to be a strong, focused color while the green served to "pop" against blue or white.

Brand Pieces - Click to view larger

By putting more emphasis on the angle of the arrow, angled lines easily became part of the design standard.

Social Media Ad
Landing Page
Print Ad
Product Infographic
Old Product Sheet vs. New Product Sheet - Click to view larger

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