The Harn looking at art


This is an etching (top) called Mercado de Tlacolula. The artist used this style to show the simplicity of life in the market towns in which he lived following his studies with Frida Kahlo. The monochromatic scheme allows the artist to portray this simplicity and gives the art depth and volume that is hard to perceive when seeing it on a screen.


I enjoy ceramic materials. This part of the museum, containing artwork involving ceramics and glasses like pottery and jade, was naturally lit, allowing it to be seen as more real and lifelike. It was also arranged simply, and somewhat arbitrarily, in cabinets, which lent itself to viewing multiple different styles of vases and other pottery within the same cabinet space.

Core Values

This is the form of the Female Buddha worshiped in Tibet as the light-goddess. She is seen as a beacon of wisdom in their society. She also dispels delusions. She is seen in this sculpture holding the knife with which she cuts through human lies and deceit as well as as skull from which she drinks, symbolizing human mortality. This form, therefore, speaks to the honesty and wisdom valued in that Tibetan culture, and those are my two highest values.

Good Life

This field of serenity represents the value of nature in the search for the good life. It is so peaceful because of the open blue sky and light-breeze-stroked grasses. Every single aspect of this painting bespeaks calm that is so hard to find in the bustle of city life. It's paintings like these that can bring someone into nature, and leave them hungering for its repose.

  • Arturo Garcia Bustos. Mercado de Tlacolula. 1957. The Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL
  • Vajravarahi. 13th century. The Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL
  • Claude Monet. Champ d'avione. 1890. The Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL

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