Sanger High Marching Band By: Tracy Nieves

The Apache Marching band offers various amounts of options. You don't just have to join marching band there's also: Cadet band (beginner band), 2. Concert band (2nd semester), 3. Jazz band (after school), 3. Non- competitive band (football games , parades), 4. Competitive band (competes a 7 min show against other bands) At least 1/4 of the people who have joined had NO experience and those who've stayed have become experts.

Daniel Peña believes that this band is a new way to make a family. The amount of time that is spent together is crazy and we all just grow on each other. This is an opportunity to meet some crazy and fun new friends that just become really close to you. Especially those in your section.

Everyone in this band is accepted. We all work to make sure everyone feels welcome. It's not just about one person, it's about all of us. Like they say "One band One sound".

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