The Struggle of the Poor By: Adriel duncan

“How shall the love of God be understood by those who have been nurtured in sight only of the greed of man?”(Riis Jacob). New York City streets improved greatly because of the sanitation movement, government, and settlement homes.

The first sewer system was invented by Joseph Bazalgette in 1856. This was a underground route that diverted waste down stream. Which reduced outbreaks of choral and other disease's while increasing sanitation .

Furthermore, settlement houses were made by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr. These houses educated and helped immigrants an the poor. This helped reduce poverty in the city and make lives better for the poor.

Finally The Government donated money to many places like orphanages to improve the city. This helped kids have a better life and more opportunities then growing up on the streets.

These changes in New York city helped the city look and be a lot better. People could now live cleaner and smarter lives.

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