St. Augustine By. Wyett thyberg


Jean Ribault

St. Augustine was founded in 1556 by the Spanish conquistadors. There were 3 ships with 300 Huguenot colonists. A group called the Huguenots led by Jean Ribault arrived in Spanish Florida to establish a colony.


Ponte Vedra public beach access

The climate in St. Augustine is pretty hot. The highest it has gotten in St. Augustine was 104 Fahrenheit. The highest it gets during the day is 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At night it get to low seventies. During the dry winters the high at day time is 70 to 60 degrees and at night is 46 to 49 degrees.

This is Rudolph Rowe


Rudolph Rowe was involved in a robbery and he pulled his gun out. He and Coldy also wanted to buy some marijuana from some one and they had planned on robbing him anyway. So he also pulled his gun out and shot the guy with the marijuana. So he was sentenced 50 years in prison and a shooting death. But he died in prison on Dec 23, 2016 and his family found out 11 days later.

Old St. Johns county jail

This jail was constituted by P.J. Pauley in 1891. This jail could had 72 jail cells. 72 prisoners could fit in this jail. This jail is one of the main attractions in St. Augustine.

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