Good Life at The Harn By: Marla smith

This Painting is called Manhattan by George Grosz. It was oil on board and was produced in 1946. This painting made me appreciate the medium of art. If I had seen this painting online or in another form than in person, it would not have astounded me the way it did. I was drawn to it from across the room and thought it was beautiful. The way the artist paints the landscape makes me feel a sense urgency and chaos. Also the way the painter made me the sky dark and gray could symbolize the dark nature of the city, or could symbolize pollution.
This is a picture of the Asian exhibit in the Harn. This picture displays the exquisite design of the museum. I find this exhibit appealing because the whole room is different than the others. As soon as you get to the Asian exhibit, the floor changes from carpet to hard wood, but the hard wood is only in the Asian exhibit, which I find interesting. I also think the shape of this exhibit is different than the others, which gives it a chique look. I enjoy how the larger artworks are on the ground and it makes you think about how and why this exhibit is so much different. I think they made each exhibit so different is because each culture is vastly different and they had the opportunity to show that in the museum and they did.
This painting is called the Funeral by Stuart Purser, produced in 1945. This painting displays my core values of the respect for the dead. I believe that this painting perfectly displays how important caring people/friends are to have when one passes away as well. A good example is La Dia de los Muertos, because its a specific holiday of honoring your fallen family and friends. I believe its very important to show the dead how much they meant to you in your life.
This headress/outfit is called Egungun masquerade, from Ede, Nigeria. The contributor was Eliot Elisofon and it was produced/brought to the museum in 1970. This outfit displays this African tribe's opinion of a good life. The leader wears the headress during celebrations as everyone is dancing around. Their definition of a good life is celebrating life and enjoying parties. I agree with this definition of a good life about celebrating life and enjoying parties. Its important to be productive and get things done but its also important to enjoy your life and have fun.

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