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Amy Lowell was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, she had six siblings. Amy’s family is wealthy, her parents wanted her to go to elementary school. In school all the other students would behave themselves in school while Amy noisy, talk back to the teacher, opinionated, and spoiled. As she was on school vacation she would travel with their family to different states and countries. She brought a journal with her so she could write stories, the stories where Dream Drops; or Stories from Fairyland. She never went to college her parents did not think that was proper for a women, although she continued teaching herself. She knew how to read and she would collect books.

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Her love of poetry all started when she was young, it had continued when she got older. She was the first women in her family to speak out in public. On October of 1902 Amy become a poet, she was twenty-eight. The way she wrote was inspired was of her childhood. Amy would be to hard on herself when she would write. Amy was accepted to for publication by Atlantic Monthly, which was a big step for her. Her first poem to be published was “a Fixed Idea”, it appeared on August of 1910. She had also became an thespian, she had met Ada they became close friends that people had called her a lesbian. They were together until Amy's death.


Amy had seen the Poetry from Hilda Doolittle, she had studied it deeper. She had a connection with the way of the writer. She had traveled to London to go meet Ezra Pound, she learn about imagist movement and free verse. Amy had also meet many people, they became long friends. She encouraged people to write poems and not to stop. Her first publishing was in 1915, her last one was in 1925.

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