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Reflective Letter

The contents of this portfolio include the major projects that I worked on throughout the semester in UWRT 1104. It’s purpose is to demonstrate that I have adequately completed the work and that I learned from it. On this website, you will be able to read a description or excerpt of each project, and then click a button that will take you to a folder with each document included inside. From top to bottom, readers should examine each project and learn about the process that went into each one.

Critical Reading, Rhetorical Knowledge, and Critical Reflection were all achieved through my Annotated Bibliography project. There, I was able to effectively analyze and interpret a range of different genres, stretching from long articles to TedX Talks. Using this information, I was able to create an Annotated Bibliography Project that explained the contents of each piece to a reader, as well as why they were significant. I also achieved Composing Process and Knowledge of Conventions through my Genre Project, where I was able to research a topic, create a project around that information, and then conduct additional research while revising the project.

By completing the projects on this portfolio, I practiced multiple “habits of mind”. With my Genre Project, I exhibited “curiosity.” Inspired by my curiosity, I learned about how overfishing and poaching of endangered species can affect us as humans. Also in this project, I practiced responsibility; as the burden is on us to solve the issue that I researched. Finally, I used metacognition to reflect on my experiences in the “My Meaningful Life” paper. These three attributes have contributed to my successful semester and will continue to benefit me throughout my career here at UNC Charlotte.

Moving forward, I look forward to applying my new skills in other classes. I especially learned a lot about researching, mostly through the annotated bibliography project. This assignment gave me a lot of insight into how to research information for college-level projects going forward. If I could do it all again, I would continue to maintain perfect attendance- I am positive that not missing a single session of UWRT this semester was sagacious to my success in this class. Given the chance, I would have used more time to do the Meaningful Life essay. If I had more time to do it, I would have been able to put in more thought and planning into the project. It felt rushed and that is why I was not totally satisfied with the quality of my work.

All of that said, the project I enjoyed most was the Genre Project. Through high school and so far in college, all of my favorite projects in classes are ones where we are given free reign of a platform to use. This allows students to build their project in a way that compliments their talents and abilities. I have been building websites for years, and that is why I chose to make a website around my inquiry. Because of this, the website I developed was much higher in quality than a poster, PowerPoint, or some other medium that could have been assigned. In addition, the topic was one that I was inspired by, which made it much easier to read about and deliver a presentation for. For this reason and many others, I greatly enjoyed this class and look forward to applying these skills down the road.

Genre Project

For my Genre Project, I chose to build a website ( with the target audience of younger people, who more often volunteer and tend to be more concerned with environmental issues. The purpose of this website was to educate and inform people about the issue, as well as inspire them to do something about it. I explained my inspiration, as well as examples of the problem and what people are currently doing about it.

Annotated Bibliography

"My inquiry topic deals with how mankind effects the healthy population of fish and marine wildlife living on our world’s oceans, as well as what I can do in my life to benefit the conservation of these species. One of the largest threats that face our oceans is the decline of cetaceans such as various species of whales and dolphins. One of my goals for this project is to provide facts and information that support a more protected and vibrant future for Earth’s oceans."

My Meaningful Life

"There is no obvious recipe to a meaningful life. Everyone has their own interpretation of what a successful person is. Some believe it is connected to money, others hope to find love and happiness. I personally believe that a meaningful life is directly connected to success, and the will and desire you had to achieve it. Being successful doesn't always mean what we think it does; in my opinion being successful has to do with what you will be remembered for, and the legacy that you leave behind."

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