Murder & How It Relates To The 5th Commandment By: Andrea M. Molina

A girl has been hurt by someone. This girl at school has been mean to her. She starts having bad thoughts.
God listens and tells her that it is wrong to have these types of thoughts. It goes against the Him and the Catholic teaching.
The girl tries to defend her thoughts and ask if it is so wrong to want revenge on someone.
God responds quoting the Fifth Commandment and Catholic teachings.
The girl begins to contemplate forgiveness.
God says that everyone sins and that we need to forgive in order to be forgiven for all of our sins.
The girl asks God what happens to those that commit murder.
God responds saying that those who commit murder will suffer the consequences later on and emphasizes the importance of their wrongdoing.
The girl thanks God for showing her what's righteous.
The End

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